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  1. Thanks Jacmob, i cant wait for the relaunch
  2. i understand how you feel completely, but why not take away the obvious confusing messages, and put the message on the actual front page, maybe take away the giant timer, that suggests the server is up. this shouldnt be hard to understand. jase i love you, but i cant pretend as if im stupid to accomodate this. you cant complain aout being tired of it if the obvious hasnt even been done yet. and if for some reason those things cant be changed, i will sympathise and understand, but it it doesnt change the fact that it looks weird for staff to complain about it. btw sorry i got so triggered lm
  3. its like building a store and putting a giant sign on the outside that says, SALE then have a tiny card above the cash register that says, sale is over lol, and then be surprised that people expect a sale. for real, like near reality is/was the best server, every other server doesnt have what nr has, but the way it is run is completely retarded. with all due respdect of course
  4. also, lmao the ountdown for the server coming back online is on 00:00 and the event timers are still going. besides, ive never used the shoutbox when the server was up, you just talk to ppl ingame. the way this shutdown looks website wise, and informationwise is extremely amateuristic, so i dont believve staff or anyone has a right to laugh at newcomers asking in the shoutbox.
  5. i mean, its exactly what i did when i came back. i didnt read the forums before i redownloaded the client and tried to play. who has time to read shit, when you could meet your old frens.
  6. looking good, thanks @Optimum
  7. damn rytur, i guess thats a fair point allthough i still feel like it would be nice to establish a ond with your more loyal players *shrugs
  8. i like this idea, but i obviously dont know how difficult this is to realise. if there is a server backup saved from before the updates came that broke down the server just without raids, i suggest they throw it online. and maybe its a stupid idea? but if it is a dumb idea, can a staff member explain coherently why? and be honest, if its about not wanting to pay for hosting, just say that that is what its about. we can take it.
  9. l0st

    Ironman Store

    Interesting. maybe we could expand it though. like make it so hat you can sell dragonkin lamps, lamps, prometheum, primal jars etc. all things ironemn get but cant sell or use. and for regular players not just ldis.
  10. l0st

    Ironman Store

    I was looking for help of the community in determining what items should be in there. I was thinking Void, OVLs, barrows sets, regular whips, and maybe some really high end rewards if you collect a whole lot. This game has a constant influx of items, and if we could incentivise ironmen to sell all that to the store, we could perhaps slow down that influx in one aspect. Seperate the ironmen from the main economy. We could fill the store with untradeable cosmetics, maybe some exclusive ironman pet(s). We would have to think about the impact of the items in the store carefully.
  11. l0st

    Ironman Store

    I would say it would work like the rare frag store. Of course other ironmen couldnt buy them. That would kind of defeat the point of ironmen. Lets say you get iron tokens for your primal kite, and you can exchange them for items in the store.

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