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  1. Thanks for the update man, hope you're not getting headaches from deciphering the code. Hope you had a solid move and have gotten most of your stuff unpacked. GL dude.
  2. Thank you for your transparency, and good luck in your efforts!
  3. Player count might rise if players can access and play the game. Error I got when trying to return to download the game: Should not have to PM a mod on discord for access to the game imo. Also can we take a look at the vote shop?
  4. Extremely good suggestion. I think looking into this would be an excellent idea.
  5. UimPsy

    Ironman Store

    I drop a lot of the aforementioned items to my main account. Since we grind really heavily, this would def. reduce the influx of these items in the game. Item sinks are great. Adding in potions in dose (3) would be extremely beneficial to creating overloads. I don't want it to be too easy, we still grind! Adding in items like purple sweets would also be nice. Maybe adding in barrows sets, tome of frost(Unlimited blood runes -helps with some slayer tasks early on). It would be easier to make it a cash store, but by introducing the new currency of tokens you would reduce the probab
  6. Next will be drawn at 8, then 12.
  7. Please THIS IS MY WEAPON AT WORK +1111111
  8. UimPsy


    +1 x 10000 I've been on this grind multiple times.
  9. I like this idea for discussion. +1 I'm really curious to see how the community responds to this. If we just made them worth a lot of rare frags, that could be cool. Looking forward to hearing other ideas!
  10. I have a drop table made up for opening 3k boxes. am on my phone at work, but this is it -include the cash in the inv. will be updating it to wikia shortly.

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