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  1. lol a month later still?

    ayo this is actually a joke. 3rd, maybe 4th "relaunch" and it seems this aint ever coming online. GG to all those pins/Donors items, seems they have finally milked NR enough and are gonna move on I quit this to go back to real rs in like april cuz raids STILL wasnt out after being promised it in feb/march, its legit the end of the summer and still no raids and server shut down. Sad days to see THIS is how NR will go out, not with a bang, but a whimpering cry. this will probably be the final nail in the coffin for me but it was good lads, may the rng be with you on wherever you all go Deuces
  2. Add "Buy Request"

    i want it, i truly do, but no support. With how it is now every 1 just undercuts the cheapest person selling an item by a few mills, when this is implemented those same people merching/hoarding items will just put offers a few mill above the people trying to get a gear upgrade. TPs just are not good in general as it trys to counteract merching, but merching is a vital part of the trading process, and encourages people to sit afk trading and moving items around instead of sitting in a TP or bank cuz the 10 slots are filled. I want it in game, but I feel it will be 40% positive and 60% negative, and compiling updates/lack of updates like this are hurting NR +1 to Tacoma too edit: A TP is more to help you sell stuff when your not online, more then actually buying/selling items, hence why we have a ::trade area
  3. Near-reality, the #1 scout pvp server

    This would help, assuming people are actually "farming the pkp". Really, people are just griefing the scout by killing it over and over, you can only gain pkp from the first kill, and unless you kill 2-3 other people or wait 24+ hours you don't get pkp from the same person. I know I sit there and farm the scouts over and over til the person will level the scout up to fight me, thats 5 mins they sit outside the wild not scouting waiting to reset levels, then when i kill them with a 2nd account in multi, its enough to make them stop coming back, at least for a little while. Also @wowza for saying "theres another entrance" yea... where your seen coming in the one way, and if you dont have a target, the big yellow pointing arrow gives you away, and again, you need a tber to come from the south if you want a chance at a successful pk attempt. Remove multi logging from the game period. Between scouts, every 1 ragging in multi and running a TBer in wild, then PvM Leeches @ corp and nex (helped by update) its just annoying.
  4. Weekend Events 5/15 - 5/17

    I love you
  5. Weekend Events 5/15 - 5/17

    next week, can we have the pc on saturday, or maybe even sunday? I Get its the weekend, and more people play friday and saturday, but I'm normally over my peoples house, or try 2 "go out" (I know, even in this pandemic) on friday nights, atleast til 11ish and I always miss the PC event. I'm sure theres a few others that feel this way to.
  6. Thanks to the nrwiki team!

    big facts, alot of usefull pages have been added, and people are starting to refer people straight to the wiki instead of explaining countless times in cc. THANK YOU Pimps and Playas for the hard work
  7. a few

    big facts, I was mainly worried about going 2b xp lol, 99 aint shit on here Also added some more for your opinion bub
  8. Combat Dummy

    for just rdi, or everyone?
  9. PVM Combat & Slayer Helmets

    yea man, I understand the "urge" to try and help pkers and all but thats a low % of people actually going into the wild and a VERY small % of those people even ENJOY the wild anymore. As buddy said, this slay helm update shoulda prolly be implemented when you had (at least the major ones) bosses/npcs re coded to accommodate this new change. I enjoy pking, seeing who is the better player mentally, and beating someone on equal ground with no excuses as to why you lost. Unfortunately most pkers on here do not care for such things, they only care for the pixels, pkp and ego stroking that comes with posting kill pics on the forums. If your not down to go into the wild now, you never will be. No magical update is gong to finally convince people that the last 10+ years of shitty experiences and being flamed in the wild is gone and its "a new wild" where the goal is to enjoy the game and have fun. Its no flame intended, this was a fucking MASSIVE update and DEFINITELY took more then a few hours determining reactions and to go through with it, but no 1 new is going into the wild. I've asked tons of people who actively play this server to come pking with me, even people going for the comp cape would rather slowly get 100 kills dhing @ edge, then step into deep wild and NH cuz theres LITERALLY ZERO chance to survive or get a kill on a 1 world server where they just tb you in a 3v1 situation. Sure you could join a clan, but as i stated before, not everyone is going into the wild for pixels or to stroke their ego with an unrealistic kill streak, nor do we find bullying some 1 10v1 fun. We want to have fun and the wild in 2020 runescape IS NOT FUN, be it here, another server or real runescape. People will always choose selfishly and based on personal opinions, and pkers do not help promote the wild at all, so you trying to ruin pvm's fun, for the sake of people who they find repulsive will never go well. Edit: theres almost no point to PvM off task til its fixed (task system for me has been horrendous and I don't do slayer outside of the 50 wildy task for comp anymore) but yet no 1 is pking, no 1 is camping revs besides the same few people who already been camped there lol
  10. Game Updates 13.1.5 | 13 May 2020

    holy hand grenade hank! HUUUGE update, idk how I feel about the slay helms tbh, its one of the reasons I liked this server lol. PvP? Actually can't wait to try it later on tonight when I'm done questing on osrs. Good shit, real good shit, lots of effort thank you
  11. a few

    yea, ive only ever seen 1-2 people ask in cc if smith was broken cuz the left click option wasn't working. Its not a big issue, just starting the list so I figured I'd add it
  12. a few

    when you left click "smith" on the anvil it don't bring up the smith interface, so you just 'use" the bar on it, not a big deal just a q.o.l thing since it shows it
  13. a few

    I was too lazy first time I maxed and noticed some of the bugs/tweaks etc, but since ima finish my comp off while afking on osrs I should make a note of what I see as I go 1. Remove 'Mages Book' from anounced drops and add the arcane stream necklace in its place (im sure its known, just a reminder) 2. 'make all' option for most skilling aspects (HERBLORE! ) 3. 'smith' feature of anvil doesn't work (not too big of a deal, q.o.l) 4. make the looting bag auto bank everything inside it once its banked (lost numerous ruby chalice from this) 5-15-20 5. Maybe have the Living rock creatures inside the cavern automatically despawn and respawn after like 20 minutes? It can be annoying to new players getting a task, just to have to go mine each one before you can begin (can help with those people who refuse to mine, and just leave the whole cave dead and in the minable state). 6. been stated numerous times, but add the kbd inside the area where glacors are @ die (not the ::die2 tele, but thru the door @::die and walk thru the asgarnia Ice dungeon to where the wyverns are in real osrs). 7. Remove barrows, dragon boots and DK rings from the donor shop (or raise the price to 12.5m ea barrows, and 10m per boot and 80m per ring) brings value to barrows, also barrows SHOULD be worth 5-10m a piece helps new comers grind somthing and value to pking non max gear, but the shop limits them to being worth under 5m ea as of now. DKs r legit pointless outside of pet to kill cuz Inferno Adze is so easy to get+rings being dirt cheap and most people make the jump str8 to imbue or are rocking row i pvm 8. ^ to help replace the void, add the DIE shop to regular DI, I was trying to think of some replacement items for a die shop, but idk where you obtain some items in game (Crystal Shield for 20m, zammy brews+ sanfews? (remove sanfews+ reg anti potions from potion shop, add them here to give value to Herb?) 9. Increase XP Rates for Herblore, Cooking anglers is like 35k+ xp or some shit (xp bonuses not specified) but making an extreme ranging potion is like 27k xp. Now It don't seem like much, but you can afk rocks, herblore rn is VERY click intensive, and if your factoring some dont even have 3 dose potions, so you have to drink a sip of a 4 dose just to make the potions and this tacks on even more time. 10. Remove Dragon bones and Rock tails from 70% of the npcs who drop them now. Mainly d bones imo, cuz rn they have no worth, and I understand you don't want newbies struggling for 99 prayer, but thats the point of frosts and superior bones, cuz rn they hold almost no value cuz 9 of 10 people will just use the dragons cuz it dont even take 500 bones for 99 on weekend+vote and they are so readily available 11.1 Remove dragon darts and rune knives from the ::shops (atleast raise the d darts to about 15-20k ea so people can sell their drops in TP for 10k ea) These are the BIS for the the BP which is arguable the best weapon in game, its peaking almost 5b ea right now, if you can afford a 5b weapon, then paying 15k+ ea dart is def. do able. I'm not too confident as to how to obtain the darts outside of hunter, and on my way to 99+dailys of dragon imps I can't re call too many D dart drops so maybe increase this? 11.2 IF ^ happens, remove onyx bolts e from gorrilas etc and replace them with 100 d darts. Kraken could benefit from having some of these as a common/uncommon. Could add these to the DIE shop, and remove them from the reg range shop? (Think it used to be like this?) 12. REMOVE the abillity for new accounts to enter the wild, I'm tired of people making brand new alts, just to tele to ::revs and sit there. Thats cool if you wanna do that, but when I come to kill the scouts, I should receive PKP and earn the kill for doing so or just allow the kill to count. After The 2-3 hours is up, they just make a new account and continue the process to discourage people from killing their scouts so they can farm revs with the lookout uncontested. 13. Add a few men/women, guards, and maybe Knights of ardy to Ardy city tele. Can be an alternative to the stalls if nothing more then the sake of making ardy tele used lol (thinking of adding more daily tasks to incorporate the knights, 50-100 pickpockets? I know you can get rogues set from clues, but maybe make them 1/250 drop from the knight when you pickpocket them instead) 14. D arrows are 200k ea from the ::shops, thats fine, but they only sell for 210 coins each, I would def like to see an increase in their sell back value, say 50-100k ea ?(I have 1.1k arrows on main, and another 100 on my alt, idk if I bought them, or received as a drop) IF they can be received as a drop, I feel they should be moved to the di/die shop along with the d darts AND have their sell value increased to 50-100k ea. Think I may have gotten them from blood key tbh, but im not certian 5-15-20 15. Reduce the accuracy of dragons, mainly referring to the green dragons @ rev cave, but I assume the easts are coded the same. As of right now you almost get K-0ed even with mage pray on because of how condensed the cave is and so many dragons hit you at the same time. Now the Fire Breathe is strong, but the melee attacks are accurate asf too, and When I run up that way on osrs I don't have to anti pot just to run past them, nor if I'm TB'd at revs when I escape do I ever come close to be K-0'd by them as long as I have mage pray on as I run past. As it stands now, if some 1 can catch the freeze while your inside the dragons, its almost a guarantee death. Seeing as almost every 1 runs with a TBing alt, the only answer to this problem is to bring an anti fire potion, even when you enter through the ::revs tele. This could also apply to KBD, because imo, we shouldn't be 4 hit by kbd with breathe even while wielding dfs+mage pray, on osrs that would be enough to negate almost all the damage from the breathe. This is better done now, since we are trying to allign more with the "old school" feel for PvP. 16. Since we are doing "controversial" changes, something I feel REALLY needs to be implemented or rule tweak is the Multi logging. Straight up in the wild almost every 1 runs with a TB alt, which is ALMOST as unhealthy as people sitting @ the cave entrance with a scout account so they can A. Co ordinate a defense when you enter the cave, or b. just run away before you even get to the revs. I'd say your accounts CANNOT interact with each other in pvp/pvm, because prior to this Nex/Corp update, leeching with a low lv alt was a problem. This will help promote a better Revs environment as PvMers have no choice but 2 work together to anti pk, and potentially spark the fire for some PvMers or Pkers to group/clan up. 17. Speaking of revs, change the teleport of ::revs to about 3-5 levels south, its beyond annoying TP into max, being froze and then just insta stacked as your screen loads (not every 1 has good ping to server etc. @my Euro/Asian Broskis <3). The Spot Laterally is great, but I suggest putting it @ 33ish wild, as I stated in the previous #, large % of players have a TB alt, or have a friend TBing for them, so if they can't get a TB on you in 3 levels after getting a free freeze cast, then they don't deserve the free pkp. This is also helps with the next problem: 18. KEEP the Blood Key TB, that should stay if you relog, or not, but REMOVE a regular TB if you relog. As of now, I can TB someone at ::revs (most pked at spot), and if they Gap me, or jump obstacle, i can legit tele home, re gear and cut them off @ castles OR just tele back if they don't run away and start freezing them. This is so annoying when you kill some 1, then they a TBer shows, and just rags you til the person you killed re teles and cuts you back off. If I'm TB'd top half of revs, the escape is to singles and go from there, but even if I kill the TBer and his buddy, they just hit Perdu>preset>::revs, legit 5-10 seconds from the time you died, your back inside the rev cave. This and everyone multi loggin inside the wild is not fun or healthy for the longevity of PvP
  14. Game Updates 13.1.4 | 6 May 2020

    new daily toruney rewards r going to kill those events population (max 200m-300m gp reward). new bis boots, when the current bis r already rare asf and expensive as hell? now we have "withdraw all" can we finally get "make all"? "smith" anvil is left click, but dont work etc How goes fixxing the pathing at the ONLY pk viable locations? could we ever see a new achievement diary, or some real "comp" reqs. thats not just forcing us into wild for the sake of being in wild (we dont even touch 70% of NR content to get the COMPLETIONIST cape).
  15. Cow slayer title

    support lol, if you do 10% of drop rate, rock that shit

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