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  1. Game Updates | 15 May 2020

    ham is haram

    gz decent kc for it too

    Kill pics in a war don’t mean anything, gotta clear them. Rest are nice tho
  4. New Bosses/Content

    very insightful digi22 thank you
  5. Can I have a vet title?

    half the players would have vet rank
  6. Irons Pking

    It defeats the purpose of ironman tho
  7. Game Updates | 3rd March 2020

    wow digi22 @crucio
  8. Skilling Pets

    nice @crucio
  9. Just @crucio

  10. Combat Megathread

    Nerf korasi spec accuracy by 20%
  11. Broomba

    lmao it was literally an item i made to make fun of @crucio
  12. Death NPC - Wilderness

    I don’t think fire cape is that strong of an item to need it to break. Most people have and are using max or comp capes and those who don’t have either typically use imbued capes.
  13. ***This is regarding WILDERNESS - Safe Zones will remain the same!*** Hi, Over this relaunch there have been many aspects catering to older iterations of the server. With the removal of E-kits and other customs the average speed and damage output in PVP has decreased resulting in this thread. Smiting is a crucial aspect of PVP and should be the primary incentive of fighting opponents with stronger gear/weapons. I feel as if the mechanic of smiting is non-existent and prayer drain rates are too friendly in the wilderness at its current state. This thread is a proposal to increase the prayer drain rates, meaning, they will drain faster and in turn, hopefully, increase the frequency of which a "smite" occurs in both Edgeville PKing and deep multi/singles PKing. I am not going to set a target percentage vote for the poll but am rather looking for proper reasoning on why or why not. I feel as if this is a major required change to help move the wilderness in the right direction. One vote per player, any votes on alts will not be considered and infractions distributed. -not slim

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