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  1. RIP - skele set l0c

    what happened to them?
  2. prayer suggestion

    so with raids releasing i think augury and rigour should be locked and have to be unlocked with the prayer scrolls and maybe add a curse scroll aswell so u have to use the scroll to be able to use curses? that make make 3 more rare drops to the raid loot.
  3. bank updated :D

    i know its been only 1 short day since my last post but we have updated my bank quite alot there is alot of other random 1b items and such but dont feel like moving them around ha
  4. my bank

    so i returned to NR at the beginning of june and slowly starting started staking a building my bank up and so far it has worked out pretty well
  5. Game Update 13.1.8 | 13 June 2020

    thanks! great update!
  6. Game Update 13.1.7 | 5 June 2020

    thanks! can you take a look at buffing the Arma cbow? i think it hits less than ccb and this was b4 the whole update so now i would assume its way less @Arham
  7. RDI

  8. buying 50m 07

    buying 50m 07rs pm me here on ingame
  9. need HELP!

    okay so i dont exactly know what section to post this as i have already been unbanned just my accounts are broken and i am unable to login at all from any account. what happened was i was banned by slim and then unbanned on my main and then it broken my account where it still wouldnt allow me to login and then cayleb ipbanned me and un ipbanned me to see if they could fix my accounts and then it made it so i cant login from any accounnt. so if someone could look into this that would be great.
  10. All-in-one Clue Scroll Guide

    anyone know this clue???

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