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  1. Near-Reality Infinite Launch Info

    Thanks buddy
  2. Near-Reality Infinite Launch Info

    I want to know that too tbh. Or are we going to keep all our max stats even when we're on the new iron man mode if the legacy one disappears?
  3. Near-Reality Infinite Launch Info

  4. Yo

    Hi bud!
  5. A wild Gengar appeared!

    Sup bud
  6. Hello

    Hello Englisch, this is post
  7. Lava Vs Lime

    Idk why but since the PKP update I have the feeling that Lava whip has more accuracy than the Lime whip?
  8. Ship Tickets

    To be fair super mystery box & elite casket aren't pvp related either.. It's just trying to give a use to them Edit: + Idk what you could even add as a reward since the pkp shops are so overwhelming
  9. Ship Tickets

    I was thinking if we could add more rewards at the ship ticket stores since the stuff you can buy is really limited there. (And kinda useless after the PVP update unless you get the Super Mboxes) Maybe we could add some of these: Mystery Box - 50 Tickets Legendary Mbox for - 1050 tickets Dragonkin Lamps - 200 tickets Overloads - 10 tickets If anyone has some more suggestions?
  10. Complains

    They're useful to me & a lot of other players to be fair. & Yhea, some items will be flooded, but the best money maker is and will be revs for the Emblem drops. It's not worth pvm'ing for anymore (and it wasn't for a long time because the market did stagflate), except if you want divine, slayer helm, torva etc.
  11. Complains

    You can, but habbibi, cant you be happy for once with an update? You've 400k pkp, buy all the stuff you want from the stores? Idk why you even complaining. It's literally a 40-50 man server atm at most? What do you expect them to do?
  12. Complains

    You do nothing else than bitch and complain. Literally.
  13. Complains

    Yellah habbibi, it's the truth. Thalla
  14. Complains

    You've been posting the same shit on every thread on the forums. Everyone except spots is telling that your logic is wrong. Don't even know why I'm spending my time explaining to an idiot how voting works. But you can fuck off now yeah, tyvm

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