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  1. Delicious! I'm hoping you keep lime whips ingame but would be understandable if you don't
  2. typical response !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how about letting the few loyal players you spoons have left know what's going on, or even a slight sniff instead of the ol classic "soon"
  3. give out a star miner award once a month to the person who has mined the star the most
  4. the one time I wish something on nr really worked..
  5. No worries at all mate! I probably missed quite a few tips but they're the ones I can remember off the top of my head!
  6. Good luck on the grind mate!! Most 2bs are easy enough to get, some are pretty tedious such as Hunter, agility and construction. Quick tips for each skill; Slayer; slayer is my favourite skill! I'd absolutely recommend doing 2b slayer first, so many supplies and gp for funding your lamps ect, do as many cerb tasks as you can since doggo drops 6 rune bars every kill, 2b slayer took me probably a month though lol, abby sire is a pog task to do, you get a fuck load of xp from killing that bitch. Cerb/abby sire tasks are your friends! Prayer; easy 2b skill, you'll get a fuck load o
  7. Total-experience was reset in the big ol reset we had around September when Torn was still manager, the recent one in December experience was not reset, so correct I did have my XP still but so did everyone lmao I started hunting for max XP before I was staff and being ldi I already had ::bank and all the benefits that a staff member would have.. xD
  8. How does being staff affect my ability to gain xp? Momoe isn't staff and he's 1b off max xp so your argument is redundant lol, anyone can get 2b in skills. Providing they have the time to do so.
  9. Coming from the man with 6970 postcount and every title. smfh. they'll give anyone advisor these days.

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