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  1. Grumbledaddy Introduction

    Hey there guys my name is Grumbledaddy, Irl name is Scott. I've been on and off with NR since 2010/2011 and pretty much exclusively played NR rsps wise. I am a weeb, this much is true. But I feel like i'm an overall nice person. I watch Anime, Play games like NR, League of Legends, Overwatch and Pokemon. It's great to be a part of one of the best communities in the rsps scene aswell as being able to assist in server growth. I worked retail for 7 years before the big bad Rona hit us but now unfortunately the place i worked for closed down. I hope you are all staying safe in these strange times and enjoying yourselves.
  2. legendary rank @Bullet Wiki is great for basic info! If there is anything else you wish to know feel free to ask!
  3. Filter Game Chat

    This would be amazing, i find when im doing something like hydra my chat is flooded with all the prompts about his defences, makes it hard to keep ontop of any messages in chat +1
  4. Elite Caskets

    Clues in general kinda need a rework on droprates, i did 83 easy for my first unique.
  5. Add "Buy Request"

    A "buy request" feature would be quite useful for players who only play now and then, but are after certain items, also useful to leave in offers over night to try and get yourself items that people may try selling while you're offline. +1
  6. Killstreak reset

    i would be in favor of somehow having a middleground, say for example if you get a 20+ killstreak, it really shouldnt stay if you log off for 24-48 hours.

    +1 on Suggestion, would encourage players to pk as they have milestones and rewards to strive for.
  8. LDI Shop prices/rework

    Pretty good idea IMO, considering the amount you have to donate for LDI, a rework of the store would be ideal +1

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