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  1. Gf retard Was an honour serving with you K3
  2. Congrats mate! #teamboy
  3. wow what an amazing cm!!!! gl everyone :]
  4. Drier than the Sahara desert lmao I bless your rng, dcape before 9k kc
  5. Thank you for all your hard work you wonderful dev nerds.
  6. Jimba


    Welcome mate! Bossing is pretty easy here on near reality, don't be afraid to try it out! You'll be slapping Cerberus before you know it. Pm me anytime in game if you need any tips :] happy grinding mate!
  7. I have pinned this guide, thanks Gankin!
  8. Absolutely killing it everyone, we'll be bug free before we know it kekw
  9. gz lads, and welcome back Cayleb ya cunt
  10. lime or pet first? Nice start :]
  11. Jimba

    Im back

    Welcome back mate
  12. Welcome back! Gl with the recruitment:]
  13. We don't have any tob items in-game since we don't have tob ree, we will be adding a working theatre of blood in the future. If you played before shutdown in July 2020 you'll still have the same skills, pets and achievements Demonic's will be removed from wildy slayer, they now have their legitimate home same as osrs now :]
  14. We do civil construction mainly, road upgrades and residential estates, miss you mate :[ You're just jealous, haters gonna hate. Pagan sadly isn't on the team anymore, but I miss her greatly Oh hi Flint, very nice to meet you as well! Look forward to seeing you ingame Helllloooo Killer Wow ty Digi! You're too kind uwu If I had to pick the cum portalest of the staff team it would have to be @Flint without a doubt, cum portalest player would probably be @crucio I unbanned you a few days ago plus no questionmark so I can't sowwy
  15. Melbourne > rest of Aus! At least I'm not underwater Henlo! Reported btw I played during the OG, I really don't remember much apart from selling party hat sets and dcapes at trade lol Hellloooo Wave of m0nkey
  16. Jimba


    Welcome mate!

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