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  1. v14 Launched!

    Raids is promised in a few days, hold tight!
  2. v14 Launched!

    It probably will be, I have full faith in the current management to make v15 the best one yet. The more devs the merrier as my father used to say
  3. v14 Launched!

    That is true mr. chap, alot of work is going on behind the scenes currently. I also cannot wait
  4. v14 Launched!

    What do you mean chap. We got raids, pvp expansion, world boss and much more except raids, world boss and much more
  5. Raid Guide

    How do i get there?
  6. bank updated :D

    Hes everything you ever wanted to be
  7. Raids (Restricted Items)

    This wont even have that big of an impact on raid times, It's just plain out boring to limit most of these items, let us play NR jesus christ.
  8. PVM Combat & Slayer Helmets

    Like its very clear according to the poll on the slayer helm thread that alot of people are displeased with this update. Core of the issue I think is that this is an update with little regard to the vast majority of the community and its consequences and complications, even though the intentions for the better are there. You made us aware of a new combat engine for pvp ahead of this update (hype), not such a massive overhaul for pvm aswell (yikes). Evidently that should have been communicated in a better fashion. Many people play NR for the big hits; they're gone. It will take time to process that. We now have a slayer helm that isnt working (at all), extremely unbalanced pvm and item stats in correlation to drop rates. Launching an update in this state will create backlash. As a result of this mosters will have to get nerfed so you can do them off task, which will lead to doing them on task will be overpowered. This can create balancing difficulties considering your plans with slayer.
  9. Ironman duplicates

    -1 bro im sry
  10. Group Ironman Competition & Information

  11. Cow hunt event

    Leave the cows alone wtf man

    Update when?
  13. Ironman Competition Results

    How did you get it then mr digidoo?
  14. Ironman Competition Results

  15. Ironman Competition Results

    ty fans

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