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  1. 1 day in

    Nicely done
  2. Near-reality, the #1 scout pvp server

    +1 actually but what I suggest is that no pkp or reward is awarded if a player without gear is pked. Obviously the loot he is carrying will be dropped. But give pkp rewards only for fights where I think player is wearing an amulet, gloves, boots, cape etc. And give no reward is the player is just naked. Limiting combat level wont help because, it is not difficult to train a high level scout, and it will still be raided for free pkp. Also removing scouting all together, will impact much more things than fixing one. Like stated, warring, pvming etc.
  3. Game Updates | 20 May 2020

    2 days after I buy Gano set, it gets nerfed
  4. Near-Reality v14 | June 27th, 2020

    Landing page looks nice!
  5. Game Updates | 15 May 2020

    Thanks for the update Arham +1
  6. Game Updates | 14 May 2020

    Thanks for the update!
  7. Game Updates 13.1.5 | 13 May 2020

    Well done with just so many updates!! I just hope the slayer helm thing could be reverted, it was something that was present since original NR. It takes away the original feel. Rest I am happy with the update. PS Please also look at prayer draining rates with new prayers, it is just toooooo fast Otherwise Good job +1
  8. New Slayer Helmets

    +1 Bring back old Slayer helms
  9. Information regarding Near-Reality 2020

    Reset Incoming!!
  10. 1/15 Drop rate changes

    +1 totally support
  11. Quality of life ain't that bad but...

    Too long but read it all. Agreed on all TBH. +1

    Even bring out Castle Wars?
  13. Game Updates | 23 April 2020

    What is the use of smouldering stone lol Thanks for the update though +1
  14. Updates 13.1.3 | 21 April 2020

    looks nice

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