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  1. Hi, I am Michael

    Welcome Michael! Looking forward to the relaunch soon.
  2. Near-Reality Downtime

    Can you clarify on D Pins as well? Bunch of us have quite an amount of Dpins on us. I hope you won't take that away from us.
  3. Near-Reality Downtime

    Tbh I had an intuition something like this is coming. I wish you good luck with the updates. Hope to see NR back up soon.
  4. Don't wait for perfection

    It has been 4 months since I started playing NR again. From day 1 I have been hearing Raids are getting released. v14 had a lot many things were promised but were never delivered. In fact, v14 feels like a degraded version of v13. What I want to suggest the development team is, you should not wait for perfection in every update to launch it and keep disappointing the players. Original NR had many flaws, but some times it was even loved for its flaws. Everyone loved no clipping into the bank of edge. Everyone loved the Castle Wars minigame no matter how buggy it was. You could literally click stairs from the edge of flat earth and still climb up instantly. It was buggy but it was fun if you want to improve combat, you do it step by step in the production Don't do a complete revamp on a test server and expect it to run fine in production It was a mistake JAGEX did on original Runescape, with EOC. They thought in the back of their head that they are improving game but they didn't realise that it is not what the users want. Now what they do is much appreciated and has been a huge reason for OSRS success - that is community interaction. They have polls for each and every small piece of the update, unless an essential update. To be honest, as claimed by many people who tested the v14 test client just before the update, that it was perfect and working great. If that is the case and you think migration fucked up, then Kill off the main server and launch the test server as production. Even if you have to do an eco reset for it do it, the economy is already fucked up. I would prefer a buggy raids over waiting another 5 months for it. Listen to the community, day 1 of v14, there were 100+ players in edge doing DH pk. And the pkp shop was fucked up, so no one could buy DH sets for 250k pkp as earlier. I saw how mere a DH set price rose up to 20-30m a set just because of a price error on release. It would have taken hardly 5-10 min to fix it, but it has not been done yet. Do small updates but regularly, keep your community happy. I wouldn't mind if we see 2-3 days rollbacks if updates backfire, but at least I will have something new to try every other time. ---------------------------------------------- TLDR; Fix NR This is a compilation of all the thoughts I have for NR. Together it might not fit together, but this is what I feel we are lacking.
  5. Game Updates | 6 July 2020

    Thanks for the update! But Why remove selling capability to Fat Tony, 1st it was an item sink 2nd it gave opportunity to non pkers to get pkp and items from pkp shops
  6. Game Updates 14.1 | 4 July 2020

    Sick! now can we get a changelog on v14 aswell????
  7. [500M OSRS] v14 Launch Events

    Yay, Thanks Jacmob!
  8. I am I Hate Spots

    Hi spots
  9. rework on ::commands

    +1 Also add ::house for house teleport. Being an iron I cannot get house tele tabs and there are no house teleport option on lunar and ancients
  10. Going to Rehab

    Good luck man, will miss your Iron Echo series, was enjoying it TBH. See you soon!
  11. Recover Special Potion

    The Rejuvenation Pool in Player owned house. Very easy way to reset stats, hp, status, pray and spec. Also no time limit on use. Tele to house -> Drink from pool -> back to pvm
  12. Game Update 13.1.7 | 5 June 2020

    Great work Appreciate it Thanks +1
  13. Nex Minions

    +1 totally support thing No point in doing next rn when a mass is going on until you are practically on max gear. Also @stiffygoat get your S capitalized on Forum. It looks shit
  14. 1 day in

    Nicely done
  15. Near-reality, the #1 scout pvp server

    +1 actually but what I suggest is that no pkp or reward is awarded if a player without gear is pked. Obviously the loot he is carrying will be dropped. But give pkp rewards only for fights where I think player is wearing an amulet, gloves, boots, cape etc. And give no reward is the player is just naked. Limiting combat level wont help because, it is not difficult to train a high level scout, and it will still be raided for free pkp. Also removing scouting all together, will impact much more things than fixing one. Like stated, warring, pvming etc.
  16. Game Updates | 20 May 2020

    2 days after I buy Gano set, it gets nerfed
  17. Near-Reality v14 | June 27th, 2020

    Landing page looks nice!
  18. Game Updates | 15 May 2020

    Thanks for the update Arham +1
  19. Game Updates | 14 May 2020

    Thanks for the update!
  20. Game Updates 13.1.5 | 13 May 2020

    Well done with just so many updates!! I just hope the slayer helm thing could be reverted, it was something that was present since original NR. It takes away the original feel. Rest I am happy with the update. PS Please also look at prayer draining rates with new prayers, it is just toooooo fast Otherwise Good job +1
  21. New Slayer Helmets

    +1 Bring back old Slayer helms
  22. Information regarding Near-Reality 2020

    Reset Incoming!!
  23. 1/15 Drop rate changes

    +1 totally support
  24. Quality of life ain't that bad but...

    Too long but read it all. Agreed on all TBH. +1

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