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  1. Time to offload some early game items that I've got over the few days the server has been online. [SELLING] all prices are negotiable within reason and will accept trades of items with similar value or multiples if I like them. Ganodermic Visor - 150M Archers Ring - 15M Abyssal Tentacle Whip - 50M Dragon Crossbow - 80M? [BUYING] Chaotic Crossbow - 125M - or will trade some of my items for it. Archer's Ring (i) - 75M. Thank for coming to my TedTalk.
  2. Yo, good to see some familiar faces. How are we all?
  3. Selling 4 accounts 2 max mains plenty of 99s - 1 max house /untradeables/1 has like 50m bank? 1 has infernal. 1 max 60 atk pure 1 med lvl with max house all accounts have random banks, not taking their value into account at all. all accounts can/will be MMed, I WILL PAY THE FEE! upon buying i will remove any auths, provide bank pin , provide ALL PREVIOUS PASSWORDS , ISP used to create account , EMAILS WILL BE CHANGED FOR YOU. any and all information you ask for i will provide. NO RECOVERY GURANTEED. I do not play OSRS anymore , and have no desire to p
  4. Welcome to my mix guide. Some things discussed here will be based on information you may have known throughout playing Runescape or not. Monsters can be accessed within free teleport spells (provided) in game or by typing ::commands for full list. This guide was made in heart of for skillers in general & ironman. If this guide has helped you in any way, don't hesitate to inbox me via forum or add / pm me on game. MY FAVORITE MONSTERS: (to be added later time) All items were properly checked on general store before it was turned to hi alchemy (gold) Note: left s
  5. What's up all! Forester is what I go by in-game and discord is no different Forester#9290 You've already gained my respect if you understand my username but if you don't then that's for me to know and you to never find out. I'm from Australia arguably the best country in the world at the moment (not for the internet but...) I'm 22 and currently at University studying for a Bachelor's degree that includes a stupid amount of study to be done so I do nothing but procrastinate and play Near-Reality all the time, it's the only way to do it right? I use to play Near-Re
  6. Hello, and welcome yall, I'll try and make this short as possible, fuck shavers for disliking my vid >:-D ps: it was made in 2015, We were kids and stupid back then ignore the shit editing, and yes I was server support in the old NR and yes I am toxic sometimes, But trust me I'm friendly and serious when we're serious, Otherwise I wouldn't have gotten promoted to that rank ~ lil flex right here ;D #BBE ~Bashing Bitches Everywhere First BloodLust tournament winners
  7. I am trying to grind Cerberus for the bis boots on my ironman. I have done well over 200 tasks at duradel, using all of my points to block and skip tasks. I have literally got 2 or 3 Hellhound tasks at most, done all of them at cerb and only have 72 kc at cerb. I talked to staff and they said they always get HH tasks and that im really unlucky. However, they did say there was another unnamed person who has gone over 100 tasks without getting HH task. Please help me because it is not being unlucky anymore, something has to be wrong with my account.
  8. Cao Cao


    Lottery system has a huge positive impact in the game by acting as an eco sink and ensuring a stable economy. Here are some suggestions to make the lotto system more user-friendly and popular: 1) Remove lotto limit and allow Reward Token to be used as lotto currency - Remove lotto limit - big pots attract people to purchase more tickets - A 10B lotto will attract more participants than a 2B lotto - Allow Reward Token to be used in the lotto - The lotto NPC will award Reward Tokens instead of cash - Unlimited lotto will be more exciting and better as a sin
  9. goosey

    Item Sink

    I love that NR has a rares shop that requires you to sell items for fragments. I believe that this shop will be a key to improving the economy. My suggestion is that you should receive 'x' amount of fragments based on the market price of that item. Here are the fragment payouts for some commonly traded items: Korasi - 20 Fragments Market Value - 1B Black Slayer Helmet - 25 Fragments Market Value - 1.4B Armadyl Godsword - 30 Fragments Market Value - 130M Dragon Kite - 40 Fragments Market Value - 600M Blowpipe - 150 Fragments Market Value 1.8B If thes
  10. I have gone 10 hours dry on 2 accounts at lizard shamans with 0 gp to show for it. People can go days in game without getting dwh and get nothing out of it. I suggest adding some type of drops such as a 10m drop that will add up over time. I dont think that this should be anywhere near the best money maker in game, i only ask that there are more drops in it so you dont go countless hours dry, and get nothing out of it.
  11. First spirit shield set in game i think?
  12. So, Dh pking seems pretty dead lately. You literally have to stand at the wildy edge spamming trade chat to get someone to come fight. I think it would be cool to have a little 'doorbell'-like thing at the wildy edge that a player can click, which will broadcast a message saying that someone is ready to fight at lvl 3 wildy.
  13. I've made an account on here but I'm not sure if it works on the client. I have the .jar file and when I try to log on with my info it gives me an error. If someone could help that would be great.
  15. Here's a list of suggestions I feel would improve the NR forum! Re-Add the Reputation system (Like/Dislike) - Not sure why it's currently disabled (in the works) Add a Discord widget to the main forum page, on the right - Instead of having a link above the chatbox Move the most recent posts & topics to the right of the main forum page (Under the discord widget) ↑ Re-vamp the 'play' page with images to click - Ex; Windows, Mac, Java image (Instead of links to click) Allow us to add our discord username under our profile info (Where it shows our Postcount, Join
  16. Overview The Trading Post is a system for players to buy and sell items. You can find the Trading Post by typing ::home - located inside the bank. Reward Tokens are the currency used in the Trading Post. Reward Tokens are worth 2.5M GP each. The Trading Post has a 3% tax. Be sure to double check your prices before buying or selling to avoid any mistakes. Reward Tokens Buying Items Selling Items Cancelling Offer Withdrawing Money Trading History Searching Player's Store Recent Items
  17. Cao Cao

    Daily Tasks

    General Information Completing daily task is a great way to make money and receive EXP Lamps. You will receive a new daily task once every 24-hr automatically upon log-in. Tasks are random and they do not take long to complete, usually around 5-10 minutes. Requirements Requirements for daily task will vary and tasks may involve skilling or PVM. It is helpful to have high level in most skills. How to Get Daily Task Go to your Quest Tab and scroll down to see your daily task. These tasks are random and may vary from skilling to PVM.
  18. Hi everyone, today I'm going to start on a 100 slayer tasks grind. Info: 1) Document all major drops 2) 10% of all major loots will be donated to my "giveaway" tab (hns, trivia, drop party, etc) 3) Blocked tasks - Vorkath, Giant Mole, Chaos Fanatic, Crazy Arch, Chaos Elemental, Sire 4) I have the drop rate pin 15% and row I 15% 5) Sumona (boss task) as slayer master Tasks 1-25 1) 8x Krees 2) 7x Krils - Staff of the Dead 3) 9x Zulrah 4) 7x Scorpia 5) 5x Krils 6) 9x KQ 7) 9x Dagganoths 8) 5x Cerb 9) 8x Zulrah 10) 9
  19. General Information Wilderness Resource Area is an excellent place to train your skilling. No coal is required when using the furnace. Runite Golem drops Runite Ores and Bars. Runite Golem drops XP Brawlers. Costs 5M coins to enter the resource area, and you will be teleported out if you log out. Piles NPC can note items for 1,000 Gold each, and players have a 50% chance of receiving double resources when harvesting in the area. Only place where one may fish for Dark Crabs as a non-LDI. The best place to complete your achievements for C
  20. Citrus


    Surprised this website hasn't implemented HTTPS yet, it's a must-have nowadays, especially if you're dealing with users' login information. Anyway, just a suggestion, apply SSL to the site, it would get rid of the 'Not secure' icon and it's a lot more secure. See here - & This won't cost you anything either as CloudFlare and Let’s Encrypt offer this for free.
  21. The previous versions of NR had a crippling economy where only a few people controlled most of the cash flow and end game items to the point where ultimate items and other overpowered gears were introduced to prevent the inevitable collapse. Everyone lost their hard earned achievements, gears they worked months to obtain, and donations down the drain. Nobody wanted this reset to happen, but it did because of inadequate check and balances. I'm not the type of person who points fingers or blames anyone, I prefer to identify the problem and solve it. Let's not repeat this mistake, or history
  22. Hey all. Nice to see you. I just want to say that i enjoy the server as much as u do. I guess more people will agree that the drop rates needs a fix tbh. Example: dh 1/10 for item. I get 5 axes in 8 kills. Blue dragons: 1/5000 for pet? doesnt make sence.. and dfs 1/3500 from black dragons. The server will overfload in barrows, and rest of the items might take years to get. any opinions on this?
  23. Wassup, Just got a email and was notified the server is coming back to life July 1st. I probably won’t be playing much, or st all. Not because I don’t want to but I just don’t have the time lmao. Anyway check these out
  24. My 2c - from a player point of view. I'm nobody important, just someone who enjoys playing the game and wants to see it flourish. I'm not here to attack anyone, but simply leave an honest feedback where I think improvements can be made. After learning about the reset today, I can't say I'm surprised by this decision. It has been obvious to me this was going to happen sooner or later. There were several key issues: 1) Economy - drop tables were TOO generous. Specifically, the Wildy bosses, World Boss, and Gano. Consistently people were getting max gear items. This makes the game
  25. Hi, Ticket helped me with the client, heres the solution. 1. Delete all nr clients. 2. download the legacy client. 3. start the JAR file. 4. Go to C:USERS > name > near reality. 5. DELTE EVERYTHING. 6. download this. 7. extract the zip, copy all the files inside of it. 8. paste everything inside of C:USERS > NAME > NEAR REALITY. 9. launch jar client. 10. Play NR again Should look like this in the folder.

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