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Found 50 results

  1. NRPK Purified pk vid ~

    Hello, and welcome yall, I'll try and make this short as possible, fuck shavers for disliking my vid >:-D ps: it was made in 2015, We were kids and stupid back then ignore the shit editing, and yes I was server support in the old NR and yes I am toxic sometimes, But trust me I'm friendly and serious when we're serious, Otherwise I wouldn't have gotten promoted to that rank ~ lil flex right here ;D #BBE ~Bashing Bitches Everywhere First BloodLust tournament winners

    We are NOMERCY clan and we are here to owning the wilderness with fun and giving shit pkers no mercy to get rich in wilderness. everyone who not in our clan or beg for mercy and we accept will get killed come join u wont regret it. :)!! Expect us more than before and expect alot more from us when we are ready to our enemy. if any clan who want an multi war are welcome to pm me ingame : mumi2980. we will accept all kind of wars and single and support the pking server near reality. ::)!!! we make sure they will leave and never return to wilderness FEEL FREE TO PM ME INGAME - mumi2980 We are waiting for you :-) Short application - NOTE (MANDATORY TO FILL APPLICATION) Username: Do you have discord w/ mic?(mandatory): Pic of KDR: Are you an experienced Single/Multi pker?: Rate yourself as an NHer 1-10: Do you have any clan experience?: Have you been apart of any other clans in NR, which?: Did you play Old NR: Recruited by:
  3. Ironmen in Wild

    Just wanted to make some suggestions to make Ironman safer in the wilderness, by safer I do not mean completely without risk. Due to the grind that ironmen face and the fact that they cannot buy items from others players I feel as if it would be really cool to see a perk for ironmen when they're in the wilderness to prevent item loss. What do I have in mind? Maybe give them a permanent +1 protection on item while they're in wilderness. I have seen pkers tp to target and attempt to smite Ironmen for their plus ones which is extremely pathetic considering these "pkers" are ldi and hold the eco as it is. It's ridiculous to have ironmen grind out 3-4 days to get one item only to have it smited by someone that doesn't even need that item. If the +1 suggestion is too much then it would be awesome to make ironmen an exception to the wilderness target. It's annoying finishing up an avatar or any other boss that skulls you and then having some pker instantly tp to you the moment you become targ and then drop you for your items. I feel as if something like this were to be done it would ultimately be healthy in attracting more ironmen to the wilderness and give pkers more of an incentive to "flex" their pking skills against other pkers not pvmers.
  4. prayer draining

    Recently i have noticed while pking and pvming that prayer is draining really fast,i'm using 4-5 restores a fight. i would like to ask the community of nr on their opinion.
  5. PVP Related Suggestions

    Expecting this to get a lot of mixed feedback because a lot of the awful pkers on here rely on some of these broken mechanics and features to remain 'competitive', but here goes anyway. Make Void break on death (I believe this is something already being worked on as a clanmate suggested it previously) Incorporate The new Staff as an item that can be obtained only from PKing, perhaps make it a 1/500 chance, or an 1/250 from 100% EP. Add rag protection (To stop people returning in nothing but Dhide and bolting when people are out in the wild, risking a fair amount) Make EP increase quicker based on amount risked/wealth, will influence more players to risk in the wilderness, making it fun for everyone trying to pk and get a juicy kill. This is already a feature with Rev caves, but try put a Significant increase on Money per hour from activities inside the wilderness, rather than outside of it. Fix battle mages, and remove the battle mages that are outside the arena. (You can currently attack them with any combat style) For some reason every single NPC in the wild is aggressive? This has a really negative impact on team pking, as it's incredibly easy to tank a couple levels and sit in 30 Npcs that should not usually be aggressive, takes little to no skill/wilderness knowledge. Nerf the Lime and Lava whips slightly in PVP, you see way too many 40s-50s+ against tank gear when the user with the whip has very little bonuses/bad gear. The client is awful, I'm not sure if there's a memory leak but after being open for so long you will randomly DC, sometimes this happens in combat, you can even feel the client getting clunky over time. If you'd like help identifying the cause let me know, I develop myself. Too harsh of punishments - I believe for such a small community your punishments go above and beyond what is deemed to be necessary by a large amount, this isn't just for me, or my clan mates, this is my overall opinion. I probably forgot a few things, but let's just leave it here for now.
  6. Lizard Shaman Drops

    I have gone 10 hours dry on 2 accounts at lizard shamans with 0 gp to show for it. People can go days in game without getting dwh and get nothing out of it. I suggest adding some type of drops such as a 10m drop that will add up over time. I dont think that this should be anywhere near the best money maker in game, i only ask that there are more drops in it so you dont go countless hours dry, and get nothing out of it.
  7. My biggest concern.

    Hello everyone. Re-launch is coming soon, and I wanted to voice my biggest concern when it comes to this server. Before I do that, I want to say that I've put a lot of time and effort into the server in getting my skills up and maxing, going beyond that to get pets etc. I do not make this post to insult anyone, but because I care about the sever. With that said: My biggest concern is the management and how this server re-launches. I've heard time and time again how the server is mismanaged in some areas. It has been reset countless times, and I think the community trust will be at an all-time low. While this server has been down, I've been enjoying playing another server. I think a lot of people can say the same. So, when this goes live, I hope that everything is squared away. I want to jump back into this with full confidence that everything will be okay but I'm having a hard time believing that until I see it. There is too much drama on here (which sometimes, can be fun, I admit, but other times it is just not good for the health of the community and the server). I am not mentioning or targeting anyone specific, so if you feel offended, then the issue is you. Please, revise all staff, and make sure they are both capable, willing, and qualified to have their position. If someone is in a position "because they are your friend" or to fill in a slot, it shows and we can all tell. That's how you get corruption and mismanagement. It starts from the top. Lead by example. Let's hope for the final re-launch of the server and hope that we can make something out of this. Let us forge a new path that is different than the path this server has walked after each re-launch. This place has so much potential, and I'd hate to see it wasted. See you all online soon. Cheers.
  8. Question about accounts

    I've made an account on here but I'm not sure if it works on the client. I have the .jar file and when I try to log on with my info it gives me an error. If someone could help that would be great.
  9. Hello all, First of all we have some nice bug fixes and changes ready to go, but we must push them to the test server first, and currently we are having a small issue with the host of the test server and we will be pushing it online as soon as possible. These updates includes the return of Nex. So what would you like to see next on near-reality? Vote up!
  10. What are your thoughts on having a random drop table only for wildy npcs that would drop pking supplies, just as it worked on Deadman mode, but instead of dropping pots or food, we could maybe get Barrows Items, low tier whips, d boots, or any other pking items (not saying these items specifically but we could maybe vote on what is included or whatnot) Currently, Barrows drop table is at 1/10 but it can take ages to get a full set, and even more time to be able to get a second set in order to go out pking or pvming. Another possibility could be that it would be implemented as a pk drop when theres enough EP%. Ik this could bring some prices down but ultimately I think this would push people out to the wilderness Thoughts? @arham @cayleb any1
  11. Slayer, Looting bag

    Looting bag : Why in the hell is this not in the game? This is a pk focused (forced) server. Everyone wants this and not having it literally makes UIM a dead mode. Slayer : Non wildy slayer is laughably slow. I gain more points in rag @ konar in osrs. Which for the record is one of the slower slayer masters in the game. Neive / duradel is so much faster in point gain. Non wildy tasks are largely awful and drop nothing of remote value. Stryke's are about all that I've encountered that drop decent stuff. Please either, boost the point gain or (and) change the mobs that you fight in non wildy slayer to better mobs. Living rock cavern is a horrid experience. The useful mobs were forced into wildy to boost pkers ego/ artificially inflate prices due to scarcity. I don't understand why demonic's are only in wild. Why bother having Ironman modes if you refuse to have content for us. We need to have something worthwhile before end game to kill. Other than Vorkath, kbd, corp, zulrah. There is hardly anything. To access the good boss tasks you have to do wildy slayer bosses, just to cycle through tasks. *note. Pets are far to annoying to get rid of. Please make it easier to get rid of them. :Rant: Why does Kuradel have WILDY mobs in it's task list. It's slower points than bossing / wildy slayer. Yet same risk? This is making the game increasingly frustrating. AKA : Frost dragons Also, the level 60 master has green dragons, which is WILDY only.
  12. Zulrah's Issues

    So I recently came from osrs and I understand some bosses are new here but this is a staple one. -Zulrah- The three major issues I've noticed are : 1. Acid Aoe. Currently, Zulrah can use this ability many times during the fight seemingly at random. However, it should use it on the very first phase, and the spawn after JAD phase. Also the MELEE form can use it, usually on map side transitions. Basically it's restarting it's cycle when it uses the acid in osrs. Which allows the player to be on the proper side, and not run through acid every single form change. 2. Snakelings. Currently, Zulrah is spawning 4-5 snakelings every single form change, or fairly close. It should spawn 2-4 every once in awhile. Usually during range form (At the end of the attacks before it changes form) - not positive on the frequency but it feels incredibly high here compared to osrs. 3. Ranged pathing issues. Often when you are out of range of your weapon it will not do anything, you won't move. Sometimes even if zulrah seems behind a pillar, you won't move. You should be auto pathed into range of your weapon.
  13. Lottery

    Lottery system has a huge positive impact in the game by acting as an eco sink and ensuring a stable economy. Here are some suggestions to make the lotto system more user-friendly and popular: 1) Remove lotto limit and allow Reward Token to be used as lotto currency - Remove lotto limit - big pots attract people to purchase more tickets - A 10B lotto will attract more participants than a 2B lotto - Allow Reward Token to be used in the lotto - The lotto NPC will award Reward Tokens instead of cash - Unlimited lotto will be more exciting and better as a sink than a fixed 2B pot - We could potentially see very big pots which are beneficial to the eco 2) Option to allow items to be added to the lottery - Set each common items (chaotics, claws, ags, limes, etc) at or below street value, e.g. Chaotics = 50M ea, so 20x entries (2.5M/entry) - Items can be used to enter the lotto and the player can get "x amount of entries" - Simply use the item on the Lotto NPC and he will tell you how many entries you can get, then confirm the ticket purchase - This would act as another item sink while converting them to cash (the 20% tax will more than take care of any surplus) - People can use the lotto to get rid of items that are difficult to sell for a chance at the lotto pot 3) Minimum lotto requirement reduced - Reduction of minimum lotto ticket from 5M to 2.5M to allow more people to participate 4) Notifications & Timer - After lotto has reached 100M, a 10 minute timer will begin instead of waiting for the pot to reach 2B - Server announcement with pot size at 10min, 5min, 1min - In the long run drawing at shorter intervals will be more productive of a sink than waiting for the pot to reach 2B - This will prevent people from having to wait for long hours or days to find out the winner(s) and they will be more likely to participate 5) Lotto NPC - Make the NPC talk in the game (without message in the chatbox) announcing the lotto pot size and how much time left till pot is drawn - The NPC should be located in a more visible location inside the bank near the Trading Post for convenience 6) ::Lottery - Teleports directly to the lotto NPC
  14. [Buying/Selling] DPINS

    This thread will be frequently updated when I buy/sell more pins Selling (None atm) Buying 6 ::di/die pins (10M 07 → My fee)
  15. Congratulations to Petrichor! this giveaway is OVER ↓ FOLLOW THESE 3 RULES IN ORDER TO WIN ↓ 1. You must post on this thread the EXACT coordinate "(XXXX, XXXX)" in order to win (directions below) 2. You will be disqualified if you EDIT your original post on this thread, stay away from that edit button! 3. You can only post ONE answer at a time! Example; Bruce posts, Wayne posts, Bruce posts, Wayne Posts Hold: [CTRL] C + V on your keyboard to generate a coordinate in-game → Solve the riddle below for I will update this post once we have a winner, with an explanation on how I chose the spot in-game! Everyone is able to get to this spot. It could be in the Wilderness, or Non-Wilderness In order to win, you must follow the 3 simple rules mentioned above ↑ This giveaway is intended to be difficult, please do not complain The riddle will direct you to the exact coordinate/square
  16. Congratulations to Cls27! This giveaway is OVER ↓ FOLLOW THESE 3 RULES IN ORDER TO WIN ↓ 1. You must post on this thread the EXACT coordinate "(XXXX, XXXX)" in order to win (directions below) 2. You will be disqualified if you EDIT your original post on this thread, stay away from that edit button! 3. You can only post ONE answer at a time! Example; Bruce posts, Wayne posts, Bruce posts, Wayne Posts Hold [CTRL] C + V on your keyboard to generate a coordinate in your chatbox → Solve the riddle below for 1,000,000,000 NRGP! I will update this post once we have a winner, with an explanation on how I chose the spot in-game! In order to win, you must follow the 3 simple rules mentioned above ↑ This giveaway is intended to be difficult, please do not complain The riddle will direct you to the exact coordinate/square Explanation; 8 unopened chests in the ship 1 chest open No one here, Ribs of the ship, Rocks around the ship Ladder is 6 steps away!
  17. Near-Reality [PK Box]

    I would kill to see a PK Box similar to what SilabGarza had all those years ago.. (SG is a discontinued RSPS btw) The PK Box was quite popular back then, I have no doubts it would be the GO-2 place to PK on NRPK. Open 24/7 with a command to get there "::pkbox" - Would have a bank & healer, with a PK supplies shop Yes.. this video is 7 years old. Nostalgia is REAL
  18. Once a suggestion has been added/approved, the text color will be changed from YELLOW to GREEN. - New Spellbook icons (Easier for new players to find their way around NRPK); (Example Below) - Quickly exchange NRGP ↔ Reward Tokens, instead of having to go to an NPC/Shop; (Example Below) - Able to Shift Click (Withdraw/Deposit from bank) all of 1 item; (Example Below) - Relocate the Crystal Chest to a more open and visible spot @Home; (Example Below) Time Spent Online (User playtime tracker) either in the quest tab, or by a command "::playtime" Add a Trading Post to each donator zone + ::trade (Instead of having to go home every time) "::meet" → Teleports you to a secluded area ONLY for your clanmates (Nurse & Banker) "::(YouTuber Username)" Example; ::wetwizard → Directs you to Wet Wizards most recent videos Press [SPACE BAR] to continue through chat dialogues This list will be updated frequently with new suggestions!
  19. Trading Post Guide

    Overview The Trading Post is a system for players to buy and sell items. You can find the Trading Post by typing ::home - located inside the bank. Reward Tokens are the currency used in the Trading Post. Reward Tokens are worth 2.5M GP each. The Trading Post has a 3% tax. Be sure to double check your prices before buying or selling to avoid any mistakes. Reward Tokens Buying Items Selling Items Cancelling Offer Withdrawing Money Trading History Searching Player's Store Recent Items
  20. Daily Tasks

    General Information Completing daily task is a great way to make money and receive EXP Lamps. You will receive a new daily task once every 24-hr automatically upon log-in. Tasks are random and they do not take long to complete, usually around 5-10 minutes. Requirements Requirements for daily task will vary and tasks may involve skilling or PVM. It is helpful to have high level in most skills. How to Get Daily Task Go to your Quest Tab and scroll down to see your daily task. These tasks are random and may vary from skilling to PVM. Completing Daily Task 1). Complete your task. You can see your progress in the game chatbox. 2). You will receive a notification once your task is complete. Rewards 1). Teleport ::home and inside the Edgeville bank speak to “Councillor Halgrive”. 2). Councillor Halgrive will give you the rewards. Rewards may include Exp Lamps, cash, Mystery Box, and a variety of XP Brawling Gloves. Doing your daily task is an excellent way to make quick money by selling lamps and opening mystery boxes!
  21. Wilderness Resource Area

    General Information Wilderness Resource Area is an excellent place to train your skilling. No coal is required when using the furnace. Runite Golem drops Runite Ores and Bars. Runite Golem drops XP Brawlers. Costs 5M coins to enter the resource area, and you will be teleported out if you log out. Piles NPC can note items for 1,000 Gold each, and players have a 50% chance of receiving double resources when harvesting in the area. Only place where one may fish for Dark Crabs as a non-LDI. The best place to complete your achievements for Completionist Cape. Requirements 5M Gold Coins to enter the Resource Area. Teleports 1). Go south of home and pull lever or type ::mb and go east. 2). Run east to level 54 wilderness. 3). Pay 5M coins to enter the Wilderness Resource Area. Wilderness Resource Area 1). Ores, furnace, Magic Tree, Fishing spots, Eternal Fire, Piles (noted items), Runite Golem 2). Furnace - no coals required 3). Eternal Fire for firemaking or cooking - never burns out 4). Fishing pools - to fish Dark Crabs (Dark Fishing Bait) or Rocktails 5). Magic Trees - for woodcut 6). Runite Golems - drops Rune Ores, Bars, and XP Brawling Gloves 7). Piles - turns items into notes for a fee of 1,000 coins. Additional Info - Wilderness is a high risk area so don’t bring what you can’t afford to lose. - Great place to complete achievements due to ability to note and chance for double resources.
  22. Hi everyone, today I'm going to start on a 100 slayer tasks grind. Info: 1) Document all major drops 2) 10% of all major loots will be donated to my "giveaway" tab (hns, trivia, drop party, etc) 3) Blocked tasks - Vorkath, Giant Mole, Chaos Fanatic, Crazy Arch, Chaos Elemental, Sire 4) I have the drop rate pin 15% and row I 15% 5) Sumona (boss task) as slayer master Tasks 1-25 1) 8x Krees 2) 7x Krils - Staff of the Dead 3) 9x Zulrah 4) 7x Scorpia 5) 5x Krils 6) 9x KQ 7) 9x Dagganoths 8) 5x Cerb 9) 8x Zulrah 10) 9x Kree 11) 8x Kril 12) 7x Zilyana 13) 5x Kril 14) 6x Zilyana 15) 8x Kril 16) 8x Graardor 17) 5x Nomad 18) 6x Graardor 19) 7x KQ 20) 10x Nomad 21) 8x Kbd 22) 5x KQ 23) 7x DKs 24) 9x KQ 25) 10x Zulrah Tasks 26-50 26) 8x KBD 27) 5x Scorpia 28) 7x Nomad 29) 8x Graardor 30) 6x Kree - Armadyl Helmet 31) 6x DKS 32) 5x Nomad 33) 10x Cerberus 34) 6x KQ - KQ head 35) 5x Cerberus - Range Ammy 36) 6x Kree 37) 7x DKS 38) 5x Bork - Elite Black Full Helm 39) 8x Kree 40) 8x TDS 41) 7x Zulrah 42) 9x KBD 43) 10x TDS 44) 10x DKS 45) 7x KQ 46) 6x Graardor 47) 5x Zilyana 48) 8x Bork 49) 7x TDS 50) 10x Nomad Tasks 51-75 51) 8x Scorpia 52) 8x DKS 53) 6x Kree 54) 7x Graador 55) 6x Kril - Zammy Spear x 2 56) 8x Cerberus 57) 8x TDS 58) 9x Scorpia - Malediction Shard 3 59) 5x Zilyana 60) 9x Graardor 61) 5x Zulrah 62) 7x TDS 63) 7x Bork 64) 8x Kree 65) 7x KBD 66) 8x Cerberus 67) 8x Scorpia 68) 7x TDS 69) 8x Cerberus 70) 6x Scorpia 71) 8x Zilyana 72) 5x Cerberus 73) 7x Bork 74) 5x KQ 75) 6x Kree Tasks 76-100 76) 8x Nomad 77) 10x TDS 78) 10x Kril 79) 7x Nomad 80) 7x Kril 81) 5x Scorpia 82) 9x Kril 83) 9x Bork 84) 7x Kril 85) 6x Zilyana 86) 9x Cerberus 87) 7x Kril 88) 8x TDS 89) 7x Zilyana 90) 7x Graardor 91) 7x Kree - 1x Chaotic Longsword, 1x Malediction shard 3 92) 10x KQ - 1x Lava Whip 93) 8x Scorpia 94) 8x KBD 95) 7x Zulrah 96) 8x KBD - KBD heads 97) 5x KQ 98) 7x Zulrah - Serpentine Visage 99) 6x Scorpia 100) 5x Nomad Analytics - Completed 7/19/2019 - 13 drops total - 1.3 drops/10 tasks
  23. fight pits

    i suggest that we should turn on fight pits just like before near-reality closed and with huge rewards like before dkite, dfs, steadfeast boots, sometimes only bones, death cape etc.
  24. Economy, Lotto, Dicing

    The previous versions of NR had a crippling economy where only a few people controlled most of the cash flow and end game items to the point where ultimate items and other overpowered gears were introduced to prevent the inevitable collapse. Everyone lost their hard earned achievements, gears they worked months to obtain, and donations down the drain. Nobody wanted this reset to happen, but it did because of inadequate check and balances. I'm not the type of person who points fingers or blames anyone, I prefer to identify the problem and solve it. Let's not repeat this mistake, or history will repeat itself. Currently: Server is doing very well since relaunch, but I can empathize with concerns for the future of the economy. There should be safety nets in place to ensure a stable economy. These measures should be implemented to prevent the inevitable inflation of cash and saturation of items in the game, essentially making them useless. People will lose interest in the game if they have no goals to work toward. I am proposing more items and cash sink safety nets to maintain long term stability. Current observation of the economy: there are a lot of items in the game due to refunds, pvm, pk, etc activities. Inevitably soon there will also be an abundant of cash in the economy. Few suggestions: 1) Hourly cash lotto with 20% server tax - No limit on entry - Big cash sink - ::lottery gives you an option to purchase x amount of tickets - For example: if 2b-20b worth of ::tokens are purchased, we could remove approximately 200M-2B an hour - global chat reminder - It will be entertaining for the entire server to watch big pots 2) Item lottery auction (Item Sink) - ::auction command - People can trade in "x amount" of rare fragments (they would need to trade in their regular items to obtain rare fragments) - Each rare fragment is worth "x amount of entry" - For example: people can trade in ccbow, cstaff, lime whip, bp, bandos, etc for "x amount of rare fragments". These rare fragments can be used as "entries" into the auction system. This will remove existing items from the game, while giving people an opportunity to win a limited edition rare. - Drawn once every week, or when minimum number of fragments are met 3) Item lottery auction (Cash Sink) - Auction limited custom items (cosmetics) for X amount of "minimum amount" of tickets required - For example: Lime Santa Hat drawn at minimum of 20K tokens (subject to change) - This will remove significant cash from the game to prevent inflation - ::auction command - Drawn once every week, or when minimum number of tokens are met 4) Automated player vs player dice duel (you would need to purchase rank via forum or buy in-game dice box) - Purchasing dice rank via donation or buy the dice rank in-game with a "dice box" would be a form of tax to help the server - The game would be automated so we would not have to worry about scamming - Only people with rank will be allowed to dice - It would be 50/50 odds, even fairer than duel arena (in some cases) - We could host dice duels at ::gamble - Allow RDI+/LDI automatic dice rank as a perk 5) Add more games to ::gamble - Automated player vs machine games (similar to Waydar) where there is a house edge - Flower Poker, Blackjack, High/low above or below a certain number, etc - All games have a house edge 6) Raise limit cap on Waydar - Make a different NPC that takes tokens - With a 5% house edge, the overall cash rake will be huge 7) Rare shop should be revamped - Nobody really uses it since ekit were removed - Add items people would want to purchase - Lower the price on the cosmetics in the shop 8) If ekit or alternatives were to be introduced again, I suggest making the upgraded items un-tradable once enhanced. - Enhanced/buffed items should be untradable - It allows people to upgrade to stronger tier wep/armour while being used as an item sink I am making these proposals in hope that we could have a stable economy where new players and veterans alike can have an enjoyable time. If we can stabilize the economy there will be more incentives possible for DI/DIE/RDI/LDI without risk of eco crashing and prevent another reset. Please let me know what you think or if you have any other suggestions comment below.
  25. @DEV Login issues

    Hello, Currently I can't login on near-reality anymore. I'm getting errors from "Unexpected server response, please try again" to "your account has been disabled" and many more. I tried a VPS which isn't working either. Deleted cache no result. What can I do? The client really needs some work on the login screen because I'm not the only one with this problem, not good for new players. Thank you xxx

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