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All-in-one Clue Scroll Guide

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Default All-in-one Clue Scroll Guide - Friday 28th July, 2017, 13:02

Hello everyone,

   Welcome back to another of my guides. I want to start off by saying thank you for your continued support and feedback on the guides I put out. I hope the guides offer information to help anyone and everyone who takes the time to look over them, and I hope the same for this guide as well. This guide is going to be updated regularly, as I know there are going to be clues that I cannot recall off the top of my head, or have not come across yet in game. Since the possibility of this is fairly high, I am going to post the link for the 07Wiki's sections on each category. The purpose of this guide is to provide an easier way to locate the clues that Near-Reality has implemented, so what I am doing is only including the Near-Reality clues and excluding the ones which we do not have implemented.

   Please, if you know a clue that is not listed within this guide do not hesitate to provide feedback either in a reply to this post of via PM. Enjoy!

Note: I will be using spoiler coding to conserve space.

   As the title states, today's guide is going to reference none other than Clue Scrolls. I get asked day in and day out about locations of dig sites, who an anagram or a cryptic is referring to, and which crate you need to search to find... yet another clue. This guide is going to be broken up into the four different categories of clues Near-Reality has to offer. These four different categories include:





      However, I will only be touching base on the three categories of Anagrams, Cryptics, and Maps on the basis that the Emotes section is extremely straight forward. If enough individuals need it though, I can edit this in the future to list where the locations in Emote clues are.




 An anagram is a string of letters, which can be rearranged into another word or phrase, by definition. In Runescape, these anagrams are the names of NPC's found throughout the the world.

The list of these anagrams are as follows, in no particular order.

"A Zen She" - Zenesha:  Zenesha is the owner of the armoury on the south end of Ardougne Square.
(City Teleport - Ardougne - Southwest

"Aha Jar" - Jaraah: Jaraah is located on the western wall of the Duel Arena building.
(::Duel - Northwest)

"Are Col" - Oracle: The Oracle is located on top of the mountain to the west of the Edgeville Monastery. Run up the entrance just north of the "Dwarf Cannon" quest location.
(::home - Southwest - Northwest)

"Do Say More" - Doomsayer: The Doomsayer is located just outside of the Lumbridge Castle walls.
(City Teleport - Lumbridge - Northeast)

"Dragons Lament" - Strange Old Man: The Strange Old Man is located right next to the teleport spot at ::barrows.

"Eek Zero Op" - Zookeeper: The Zookeeper can be found in none other than the Ardougne Zoo.
(City Teleport - Ardougne - Southwest)

07Wiki Section: 



The Map clues are where a picture is given that correlates with a specific location in the world.

Map clue Dark Warriors' Fortress

(Pk Teleport - Castle Dragons - East)



(North of ::Cwars)



(City Teleport-  Seers' Village - Southwest - Northwest)



(City teleport - Ardougne - Southwest)


Map clue Wizard tower   

(City Teleport - Draynor - Southeast)


Map clue Chemist house

(Skilling Teleport - Farming - South - Southwest)


Map clue Yanille anvil

(City Teleport - Yanille - Southeast)


Map clue Falador statue crossroads

(City Teleport - Falador - North)


Map clue South-eastern Varrock Mine

(City Teleport - Varrock - East - South)


Map clue North Seers

(City Teleport - Seers' Village - North)


Map clue small volcanoes
(Skilling tp - Agility - Wilderness Course (55 Agility, 50 Wilderness) - East)



(City Teleport - Falador - East)


Map clue Hobgoblin penisula

(Skilling Teleport - Farming - South- Southwest)


Map clue Draynor willows

(City Teleport - Draynor - Southeast)




A Cryptic is a type of riddle clue which can require finding several different specific things across the world. They can range from searching chests, to brief riddles describing specific locations.

Just like with the Anagrams, these Cryptics will be listed in no particular order.


"Jump for Joy in the Varrock Museum" -
(City teleport - Varrock - Northeast)


"Blow a kiss in the heart of the lava maze. Equip black dragonhide chaps, a Fire cape, and an Amulet of Fury"
(Pk Teleport - Ice plateau - Southeast)
(::Kbd [only ::di+] is faster but kbd will hurt you a lot)
(Make sure you bring a weapon to slash webs)

"Cry Inside the Mages Guild" - 
(City Teleport - Yanille - West - Cry) D


Dance inside the lumbridge castle while wearing full Green D'hide
[Buy Green D'hide from ::Shops - Lowe]
(City Teleport - Lumbridge - West) 


"Cheer in the Edgeville general store. Equip a bobble hat, Pink robe top, and Holy book." -
[You can buy bobble hat, Pink robe top, and Holy book from ::Shops-  Thessalia) 
(::home - Northwest - General store)


"Bow outside the entrance to the Legends' Guild. Equip iron platelegs, a Strength amulet and a regular shortbow" -
[You can buy shortbow from lowe, strength amulet from Sir Vyvin at ::Shops]
[You can buy an iron platelegs at ::die - Giles]
[If you're not ::Die rank you have to smith them]
(City Teleport - Ardougne - Follow East Path)



"Search the crates in a house in Yanille with a Piano" -
(City Teleport - Yanille - Northwest)


"Search the boxes just outside the Armour Shop in East Ardougne" - 
(City Teleport - Ardougne - Southeast)


"Search the eastern Bookcase in the Yanille Mages' Guild" - 
(City Teleport - Yanille - West)


   "Search a bookcase in Lumbridge Swamp." - This clue is referencing Father Urhney's house pictured here:
(City teleport - Draynor - Southeast) 


 "Search the Bookcase in the Western-most house in Yanille" - 
(City Teleport - Yanille - West) 


"Search the crates near a cart in Varrock." - The cart referenced here is located within the Varrock castle walls, closest to the eastern entrance pictured here:
(City Teleport - Varrock - North)


"Search for a crate in Varrock Castle" -
(City Teleport - Varrock - North)


 "Search the crates in Horvik's Armoury." - Hourvik's armoury is located east of the Varrock City Teleport pictured here:
(City Teleport - Varrock - East)


   "Search the crates in the Barbarian Village helmet shop." - The helmet shop is located near the western entrance of Barbarian Village pictured here:
(Teleport home - South)


   "Search the crates in the Port Sarim Fishing shop." - Gerrant's Fishing shop is located towards the southwest of the docks pictured here: 
(Skilling Teleport - Farming - South -  Southwest)


"Search the crate in Bob's axe shop" - 
(City Teleport - Lumbridge - Southeast)


   "Search the crates in the shed just north of east Ardougne" - This guard house is located north of northwest ardy bank - 
(City Teleport - Ardougne - Northwest)


   "If you look closely enough, it seems that the archers have lost more than their needles" - Search the haybale located near the archery targets located in the Ranger's Guild pictured here:
(City Teleport - Seers Village - Southwest)


   "A town with a different sort of night-life is your destination. Search for some crates in one of the houses." - Search the crates located within a house in Canifis pictured here:
(City Teleport - Canafis - North)


   "Search the crates in Canifis." - These crates will be located in a seperate house from the previous clue pictured here:
(City Teleport-  Canafis - Northeast)


   "This crate holds a better reward than a broken arrow." - Search the crate located behind the left building after you walk into the Ranger's Guild pictured here:
(City Teleport - Seers Village - Southwest)


   "Find a crate close to the monks that like to paaarty!" - Search the crates within the Kandarin Monastery, which is located south of Ardougne pictured here:
(City Teleport - Ardougne - South)


   "Look in the ground floor crates of houses in Falador." - Search the crate closest to the door of the house directly east of Falador's east bank pictured here:
(::Trade - Southeast)


   "Search for a crate on the ground floor of a house in Seer's Village." - Search the house where the Seer resides in Seer's Village pictured here: 
(City Teleport - Seers Village - Southeast)


 "Search the boxes in the Goblin House near Lumbridge"
(City Teleport - Lumbridge - east - Cross over Bridge - North)



"Speak to Arhein in Catherby." - Arhein is located on the docks in Catherby pictured here:
(Use Glory or Level 87 Lunar Teleport to Get to Catherby)


"Speak to Murphy" -
(City Teleport - Yanille - Northeast)


"Lark in Dog" - Speak to King Ronald In Varrock Castle
(City tp - varrock - north)


   "A reck you say; let's pray there aren't any ghosts." - Father Aereck is located within the churst located east of the Lumbridge main gate pictured here:
(City teleport - Lumbridge - Southeast)


   "Generally speaking, his nose was very bent." - General Bentnoze can be found in Goblin Village located north of Falador pictured here:
Red [faster]: Lvl 88 Lunar SpellBook Taverly Teleport - Walk 
Blue [slower]: City Teleport - Falador - northwest - north


   "If a man carried his burden, he would break his back. I am not rich, but leave silver in my track. Speak to the keeper of my trail." - This cryptic is referring to Gerrant, who owns the Fishing shop in Port Sarim pictured here:
(Skilling Teleport - Farming- South- Southwest)


   "My name is like a tree, yet it is spelt with a 'g'. Come see the fur which is right near me." - This cryptic is referring to Wilough, who is located near the fur stall in Varrock Square pictured here:
(City Teleport-  Varrock - Northeast)


   "Identify the back of this over-acting brother. (He's a long way from home.)" - This clue is referring to Hamid, who is located near the altar in the Duel Arena pictured here:
(::duel - Northeast)


   "Surprising? I bet he is..." - Speak to Sir Prysin who is located inside of Varrock Castle pictured here:
(City Teleport - Varrock- North)


   "This aviator is at the peak of his profession." - Using the entrance located on the Catherby, speak to the aviator located on top of White Wolf Mountain pictured here: 
(Glory - Catherby - Walk east)
(Lvl 87 Catherby Teleport-  East) 


   "THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!!!! But they were here first. Dig for treasure where the ground is rich with ore." - Dig near the entrance to the Security Stronghold in Barbarian Village pictured here:
(Teleport home - South)


   "Covered in shadows, the centre of the circle is where you will find the answer." - Dig where the roads intersect in the centre of Mort'ton pictured here:
(Use ::Barrows - Southwest - Go over bridge - West)


   "Come to the evil ledge, Yew know yew want to. Try not to get stung." - Take three steps west along the southern wall near the Yew trees located in Edgeville pictured here:
(Teleport Home - South)


"46 is my number. My body ix the color of burnt orange and crawls among those with eight. Three mouths I have, yet I cannot eat. My blinking blue eye hides my grave." - The location referenced here is the Sapphire spawn location on top of the hill with Giant Spiders to the northwest of Lava Dragon Isle. Approximately level 46 wilderness pictured here:
Fastest Route -> (Pk Teleport - Revenants - Northeast) 
- Be careful a lot of pkers Teleport to Revenants 
Safer route -> Pk Teleport - Greater Demons - West)


"Aggie I see, Lonely and southern. I feel I am neither inside nor outside the house yet no house would be complete without me. Your treasure lies beneath me." - Dig outside the window of Aggie's house in Draynor on the market side pictured here:
(City Teleport - Draynor)


07Wiki Section: 


  This concludes my Near-Reality clue scroll guide. As I said before, I do not doubt that there are clues I have forgotten to include in this guide, so if you come across one or know one by memory that I have not included please do not hesitate to PM me via forums or simply post a reply to this guide.


   Love always,



Edited by Zander

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Hello everyone,    Welcome back to another of my guides. I want to start off by saying thank you for your continued support and feedback on the guides I put out. I hope the guides offer informati

It's a known bug (I assume). They fixed a few clue spots but this one is still pending. Expect is soon I suppose? @jacmob

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Default Friday 28th July, 2017, 13:11

Added to golden guides!


Definitely the best guide for clue scrolls that has been created here on this forum so far. Good job again, Mamas. 

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Default Friday 28th July, 2017, 13:45

Freaking terrible... Just kidding, Great guide. Good job



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Default Friday 28th July, 2017, 15:12

Good work Mama's keep them coming! :)

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Default Friday 28th July, 2017, 18:48

Amazing work man! This is really going to save people time for clues, appreciate the hard work that went into this.

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Default Friday 28th July, 2017, 20:38

Good shit, wish I would have been able to help you like we had planned. Now we just need an ingame {::thread #} command so we can easily jump to useful threads such as this one.

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Default Saturday 29th July, 2017, 01:21

Couldn't have done it better buddy!

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Default Saturday 29th July, 2017, 02:10

Thank you all again for the continued feedback on my guides. I am hoping to create more and release them in the days to come.


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Default Saturday 29th July, 2017, 06:22

9/10 always room to improve ;)

I have done 40-50 clues (hard and elites) and I think there are a few cryptic clues missing. Sorry it's not very helpful, I will add screenies of the new ones and add to the thread as I get them!


Ps. you gotta teach me how to do the spoiler coding, I'm sure it's straight forward but I'm a forum noob and this guide inspires me. You have put some serious time into this one and your efforts show.

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