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Reload this Page The most efficient way to kill Alchemical Hydra

The most efficient way to kill Alchemical Hydra

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Default The most efficient way to kill Alchemical Hydra - Sunday 29th December, 2019, 14:41

NR Community,

This is an advanced guide on killing Hydra as efficently as possible (i.e, as fast as possible, using least amount of resources, and taking 0 damage).

There is absolutely no need to kill Hydra in this manner, but NR bossing is too easy and this is just for a fun challenge:


- To kill Hydra without losing a single Hitpoint, and by dodging every attack. 

- Luring Hydra to correct vents within maximum 1-2 attack, to get fast kills. 


- This is an advanced guide, and assumption is that you already understand the basic mechanics of killing Hydra (However, Mechanics below will still provide some basic tips for new players). 


Basic Hydra Mechanics (NR Specific), See video on how to action these:

While almost all of the mechanics are very close to actual OSRS, there are shuttle variations (Which prolly wont even be noticed by most players):

- After every 3 attack, Hydra changes attack styles between Range and Mage, no melee attack style - start with Prot Range as you enter the room. Flick Prayer accordingly to avoid damage.

- Hydra changes phases after loosing 25% hp at each phase, and must be lured to corresponding vents/pools to reduce defence (Take note in the video).

- The attack style count (Mage/range) resets to 1, at whatever attack style Hydra's phases ends, (i.e. If Hydra did 2 range attacks before the phase ended, the new phase will start with 3 range attack styles again).

At Green Phase, Focus on luring Hydra to correct positions in the vent and start prepping for Blue phase. 

- At Blue Phase, running from electricity can be done using the same pathing as OSRS. However, take 3 extra southern squares to work with the server Time Delays and dodge 100% of the time. 

- At Red Phase, Spec with ZGB on the 4th attack. This will freeze Hydra on the spot and you have 15 seconds to lower the HP to the last 25%. If you achieve this, Hydra will turn into Jad phase as soon as it does its flame attack and the fire will now follow you (See Video 1:05).

- At Jad Phase, if you did the above step correct, Hydra will not attack for about 10 seconds (This is how long it would have taken for the flames to follow you on the red phase) as the Flame phase is still active, and Hydra will only attack you after the end of the flame attack. Pray flick at Jad phase is same as the Zulrah Jad phase.


BP/GB Combination:

- Hydra kill is most efficent with the combination of BP and Godbow.

- Godbow is much better for Luring into vents, as BP has short range and Hydra's attack range is about 2x greater than BP. 

- Practice to work out the best combination between luring with GB and DPS with BP.

- ZGB is highly recommended for maximum efficieny at the Red/Jad phase.

- BP/GB combination averages faster kill than prodding just BP - due to many factors (longer time to lure, loss of agros, getting hit by Hydra's attack, electricity etc.)

- Same method will also work for lower tier gear, but BP and GB is a must. 

My Fastest Hydra KC to Date: 1min 15s, using the above method (Video Kill was one of the slower ones  @ 1min 38s, had no GSH for this kill). Will love to hear if anyone has better method to do Hydra faster :)


HYDRA KILL: No hitpoint was lost during this battle

@Staff, pin this? TY!

Edited by vorkath

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Default Sunday 29th December, 2019, 15:26

Very nice guide indeed! I will refer players to this when I get asked about how to kill hydra.

Nice work mate!

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Default Sunday 11th April, 2021, 04:16

pin this for this relaunch pls

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  • Jimba pinned this topic
Default Sunday 11th April, 2021, 04:19
2 minutes ago, uh ur downed said:

pin this for this relaunch pls

Pinned, good thinking you cutie.

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