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torn k

NR Golden Era Tribute Ft Team Beard Videos

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Default NR Golden Era Tribute Ft Team Beard Videos - Monday 4th May, 2020, 07:58


I've been playing NR since 2009, and experienced the various peaks of 2011, 2013, 2015 and many others. It's crazy to think that we all are still here today 5, 10 years later some longer. A Covid-19 pandemic bringing us back to to chase the dragon once more. 

A big part for me was the clan world. Starting properly in DLOE led by Phat Chicken2, we were a small clan that weren't big enough to compete so had to snipe the big clans fighting. Later i joined Sick By Definiton led by Frost and Veshy, before finding my family in Team Beard led by Tim De Spin4, later various other clans -High Definition, Cosa Nostra.  

You see the thing is like alot of us still here today, NR was an escape to get away from the real world. There was nowhere else you could go to get to away and meet people from all over the world, bond while cutting trees, and before you know it you had a friend. My highschool experience wasn't pretty and my life consisted of sleep, home , NRPK, masterbate to porn, sleep repeat. 

I moved away from the UK at a young age, and lost most of my friends, and in my new country (NZ) i didn't make any either. NR and the virtual world saved me from the pain, and showered me with many great memories, long clan wars, and truely good friend. Some enemies and haters along the way, but i truely have love for you all. Those long nights on Ventrilo and Teamspeak staking, warring, and just all round bants was some of the best moments. We didn't know it at the time but it was the golden era of NR. But i feel it's time to move on. 

This all comes at quite a heavy price. And after what could be considered easily 10,000 hours+ of playing time (the time it takes to master any skillset) i have to way up the costs on the body, mind, and soul. Near Reality was an escape for meaningful real life relationships. You could connect with your teammates on the same thing, without worrying about what you look like or negative traits. It didn't matter in the game. There was bants, laughter and you all bonded going into battle trying to compete. Team Beard was simply this for me, a bunch of lads, messing around that i never had.  

In a community now where current toxicity can exist understand that in previous times there was honour amongst teams, respect for one another and it was always a "good fight"

There are too many names to name but i'll drop a few to thank.

0n a boat - Kyle, you taught me how to stake, i then cleaned Aaron and became the richest on the several times. My day 1 ride or die. I remember our pk trips, where i'd run to the shop to get snacks and come back for duo action. Cheers to you lad. 

The Original Team Beard - Tim De Spin4, Glenn Shisha, Scu11, Robinthehood, Jayy_Yo, Torn Kasamie (yours truely), Titan, F1r3, Beast v1 , Lahe ,Est beast, Chocolate, Dpaladin55, Slaying, Colinb123- Thank you for the memories and taking me in, it meant the world.

Team Gwas- Helix, Daking, Wtfchaosjr, Chaos, Merlyn, Milann, Flash Ko Joe, Ic_E, Hoax, Tomba, Vegetakid, Reichstag, Cameroon 1337, Marcreator1, Ferrariman81, Weeman, Mrossiejj, fainthea7ed, - To this day I've never warred anyone with such honor and class. I salute you.

To the clans and individuals that made the journey worth it - High Definition, Cosa Nostra, Sick By Definition, Last Resort, Anxiety, and Rest - Brid4life, Charzard, Lollies, Party Hats, Joe, Latemo, I Pk U No, Keanu Reeves, C_____U, 1 3 0 0 m, Liger32, Maka,Billyqt,Chache, Ultra X T C, Pepsi F T W, Im Dalton, W R 3 C K, Buch Is Gay, Kkz, Bbz, Dozd, Angelo, Lars, John, Mole Hater ,Dhantssrapla, Purp , I use Ddz , Some Douche, Walrushunter, Bwuk im Pro, Purp,  - You were all part of my experience i thank you for that. 


 I'll finish with never before seen audio bants that i found on an old harddrive that made me giggle. This is 2011-2013 bants on Team Beard/CN Teamspeak. 


Titan the electrician roasts Hartyy ft Jayy_Yo


Titan shames Tim De Spin4 and Beast V1 into submission


Kkz (The Asian Sensation) vs C____U (Captain America) Rap Battle #pack your back


C___U Epic Freestyle - Cosa Nostra Channel ft KKz, Frosty99


Private access NR Oldschool Server. Few of us had beta access to test, this was a promo vid i made. Unfortunately Jagex copyright claimed the server but the pking and combat system was tested thoroughly by some of the best pkers to grace the game, as you can see the pking was flawless.


My favourite clan war of the golden era (Team Beard vs Team Gwas 11/06/2010)




And of course some old screenshots and bank pics on my various alts. 








We owe it to ourselves as players of Near-Reality who have all been impacted by this great game to a degree to make our lives worth something which is why were all still here 10 years later. We stand together as each and every one of you has carved your name in the virtual world being whoever you want to be online, in-game. You owe it yourself to be that person in real life. 

As i sit here 10 years later on from the action, i ponder what all those legends are doing with their lives right now?

I truly deeply hope that you are all leading meaningful lives that make you happy. 


Thank You. 


Torn Kasamie.


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Default Wednesday 27th May, 2020, 22:26

Good times sir

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