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Reload this Page Development Blog | March 14th, 2021

Development Blog | March 14th, 2021

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Default Development Blog | March 14th, 2021 - Sunday 14th March, 2021, 22:40



Hello everyone, today marks another successful week!



  • Fixed ice demon bugs; such as it's death animation.
  • Ice demon 33% damage reduction when using anything other than fire spells has now been implemented.
  • Worked on a new system for entity interaction, will be useful for melee distance combat, especially Tekton, this will be applied to a variety of NPCs through out Near-Reality
  • We worked on fixing a bug with Great Olm and how objects are being added to the map in a non dynamic way, will make the system use dynamic map adding / removing objects as the current one isn't working as intended
  • Fixed null combat issue
  • Cutting kindling now is accurate to OSRS, the higher the wooductting level the higher the kindling count
  • Fixed Great Olm phase-unique Falling Crystal attack where graphics would not appear

Majority of this week was spent working on a variety of bugs that require a lot of time to solve, they are intricate and quite complex. For example; melee distance issues and issue with objects spawning and being deleted within dynamic regions.


Wilderness Boss (Galvek)


  • Galvek will only use a special attack (fire, ice, or shock), after every two auto attacks.
  • Galvek will now give loot to the top 10 damage dealers
  • Once Galvek is at half HP (2,500), seven fire traps will be scattered around him, dealing 25 damage to any player that comes into contact with one and detonating it.

Bug Fixes

  • Attack delay increased from 4 -> 5
  • Fixed an issue where Galvek didn't stomp on player's during any of his attack phases.
  • Reduced stomp radius from 1 -> 0. Now you must be directly underneath him to take damage.
  • Fire attack now shows where it's damage radius is. This will make it easier for players to anticipate the attack and amount of damage taken.
  • Freeze attack projectile fixed.
  • Command to locate is now ::galvek

Skilling Sets

I have began working on Skilling Sets and bringing them into Near-Reality, these sets include:

  • Prospector kit (25% xp bonus) - Obtainable via Star Dust Shop
  • Farmer's Outfit
  • Angler's Outfit
  • Pyromancer Outfit
  • Carpenter's Outfit
  • Lumberjack Outfit
  • Graceful Set (50% xp bonus) - Obtainable via Grace's Agility Shop

These sets have been quite a bit of fun to work on, as of now, the only ones obtainable and working as intended are; Graceful and Prospector, I'm planning on making them all available for launch, I'm simply brainstorming ideas on how to obtain them.

PKP Shop

KGB Agent has seen a complete re-design. Fat Tony has seen a few new additions. See the images below:

KGB Agent


Fat Tony


Stardust Shop

I had an absolute blast coming up with ideas to make the Stardust shop actually useful for all of you. I have implemented the Crystal Pickaxe, which has a speed of 2.2 which is +.3 over the Lime Pickaxe, and +.5 over the Infernal Pickaxe, an extremely useful Pickaxe! You can also purchase the Prospector Kit from the Stardust shop which grants you 25% extra XP. See the image below:


Grace's Shop

We now have all Graceful Colors, sets and so forth. You earn Marks the same way you did Agility Tickets.

  • Green Dye - 75 Marks
  • Purple Dye - 75 Marks
  • Red Dye - 75 Marks
  • White Dye - 75 Marks
  • Royal Blue Dye - 75 Marks
  • Blue Dye - 75 Marks
  • Orange/Gold Dye - 75 Marks
  • Trailblazer Graceful Ornament Kit - 100 Marks
  • Dark Dye - 400 Credits in Credit Store



Bounty Hunter Store

The Bounty Hunter store has always been neglected in my opinion, I have decided to completely re-design it to be a shop people will utilize. See the image below.


Blighted Sacks

Blighted Sacks have been started, they will work everywhere in Near-Reality, but the only way to obtain them is via the Bounty Hunter store. These will be VERY useful for PKers.


  • Blighted ancient ice sack - 1k Bounty Hunter points
  • Blighted teleport spell sack - 1k Bounty Hunter points
  • Blighted vengeance sack - 750 Bounty Hunter points
  • Blighted entangle sack - 500 Bounty Hunter points
  • Blighted snare sack - 250 Bounty Hunter points
  • Blighted bind sack - 250 Bounty Hunter points

Slayer Shop

A new look to the Slayer Shop, every type of player will now be able to purchase a cannon. V's shield has also been added, it is a must if you're going to be battling the Basilisk Knights! See the image below:


Wilderness Slayer Shop

The Wilderness Slayer shop was another one I felt needed a complete re-design. I wanted to focus more on the PvP aspect of the Wilderness and this is the shop I came up with. See the image below:


PVM Shop

Not much changed quite honestly. I may look into changing a few items in this shop. See the image below:


Item Combinations

This week I implemented a plethora of new Item Combinations. See below:

  • Graceful Sets
  • ALL Ornament Kits


  • A notable buff this week has been the Revenant Weapons, which has seen a 50% bonus for accuracy and 25% for damage boost. After testing these weapons for the majority of the new, I believe they will be BIS for most Wilderness NPCs.
  • Hand Cannon Special Attack was buffed by 25%
  • Imbued heart buffed by 10%

Misc Fixes

  • Fixed speed of spears, 6 -> 5 ticks
  • Fixed Zamorakian Spear and Hasta, 6 -> 4 ticks
  • Fixed numerous animations in regards to DHL, AGS and Z Spear/Hasta
  • Krystilia now is in her rightful place; caged.
  • Allow Rune Pouch to use Wrath Runes
  • Imbued Heart now functions properly, also has seen a buff, it now hits level 114 Magic.
  • Fixed Sang Staff Graphics
  • Construction NPCs dialogues and functionality are back to normal
  • Emblem Trader dialogues and functionality are back to normal
  • Tome of Fire now counts as fire runes
  • Changed Spirit Shields from RS3 models to OSRS (asides from Divine)
  • Buffed Cooking and Fletching for Ironman Mode
  • Nerfed Cooking XP for normal players

Drop Table Changes

I want most of these to be a surprise for the launch, but I will be as transparent as possible.

  • Demonic Gorillas have seen a total revamp, Zenyte drops at 1/500. They can be found in the same location in OSRS.
  • Removed Statius from Bork
  • Removed Spirit Shields from every table but Corporeal Beast
  • Removed Dragon Claws from every table but Chambers of Xeric and PvP Mystery Box


I truly appreciate you all sticking with us through these times, we have something special for you guys coming April 9th, I can't wait to be online with all of you!


Mod Jacmob, Optimum, JP

Near Reality Management Team

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Default Sunday 14th March, 2021, 22:46

Awesome work everyone!! Ya boy is hyped as fuck for April 9'th. 

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Default Sunday 14th March, 2021, 23:06

We are nearing release.  Let's go boys!!!

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Default Monday 15th March, 2021, 00:45

Leeets gooooo! :D

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Default Monday 15th March, 2021, 00:45

Looking so good.. very exciting !

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Default Monday 15th March, 2021, 00:53

Ooft it just gets better and better! Cannot wait for launch!


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Default Monday 15th March, 2021, 01:01

Good job.

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Default Monday 15th March, 2021, 01:25

how can ironman now grind for infernal cape if they removed the mystery box from the wilderness store? will be the option on getting legendary mystery boxes is phoenix?

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