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Default Monday 3rd May, 2021, 17:22

+1 It's a start. Unfortunately, it starts with PVMing. There are so many options everywhere as far as bossing and your standard NPC that drop substantial loot. Galvek and Gano spawning every half hour bring no real appeal to the wilderness, just extra bosses for PVMers to kill. The PKP shops are unattractive, and have no worth to them. The BH shop is as well useless. The only attractive items are the PVP weapons and Korasi in which will take ages to get due to the risking of tiers and there are easier places to get said items anyway like the Rev caves. BUT Rev caves are camped for PVP items and statuettes by clans so no one bothers to go up there, the same 7 people get drops daily. Bloodlust is going to be cool and all but not everyone wants to deep wild team pk. Bring appeal to edge, boost its hotspot appearances, buff the PKP shop with some items worth PKing for & lastly for the love of the NR Gods, fix the Granite Maul.

Agreed but back in the day no one used G maul so i'm not fond of it. There was nothing more fun than going to edge and getting a nice risk fight going without ever seeing a G maul.

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SUCCESSFUL THREAD  WE GOT IT BOYS!!! well done and thanks for the support   Its been the most requested thing from the edge pk community for you to make it a PERMANENT HOTSPOT in Edgeville, its Fr

Good idea

Could totally see there being an appeal to Edge having a permanent hotspot. Newer players would probably like this because it could help them get pkp and drops earlier on to aid them and make them wan

Default Monday 3rd May, 2021, 17:45

Agree completely, I love pking but I am not going to sit in edge for 2 hours to get a kill, nor am I going to go single vs 10 raggers in deep.

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