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Development Blog | Chambers of Xeric

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Default Development Blog | Chambers of Xeric - Wednesday 15th September, 2021, 15:34

Chambers of Xeric

Rally your comrades, muster your courage and take on the greatest challenge in Old School Near Reality!

As promised, we will be having Behind the Scenes, Development Blogs for the following content; Chambers of Xeric, the Nightmare, Theatre of Blood and the Gauntlet. Each of these pieces have been in the works for many weeks now, and I want to show case each of them prior to launch as they are some pretty amazing systems in comparison to the NR317 game engine. Raids is near identical to OSRS, and will bring about gameplay like never before.


Dynamic Scaling

A fitting challenge.

The Chambers will dynamically scale to provide a challenge suitable for your party. Not only will they scale based upon the size of your party, but also adjust themselves to ensure they provide a challenging & engaging battle, suitable for the skill of your party.

With up to 100 members in a party supported, you can take on the Chambers with all your allies, but the scaling means that you'll face a fierce fight whether there are 5 of you, or 50.

Party Interface.png

Challenge Mode

Chambers of Xeric Challenge Mode icon.png Challenge Mode is a "hard" version of the existing Chambers of Xeric. All combat and puzzle rooms are featured, and the enemies themselves have significantly increased stats. The layout is always linear, and has four floors due to all combat/puzzle rooms being featured.

Completion of the mode can yield metamorphic dust to reskin an olmlet, a twisted ancestral colour kit to recolour ancestral robes, and a cosmetic cape.


Our Raids system offers the same system when it comes to Scavenger Beasts as OSRS. Scavenger Beasts spawn amounts scale based on the amount of players that are in the Raid. One scavenger room is always guaranteed somewhere in the raid, and it will always be before the first puzzle room. They are killed for tool and herblore secondary drops, which are used in the resource rooms, such as butterfly nets (hunter) and cave worms (fishing)                  .



To catch bats, a butterfly net is required.

To catch fish, a fishing rod is required, with cave worms as bait. In fishing rooms, there are three fishing spots. One of these three spots contains a cave snake, which will damage the player (or take their fish). If a snake appears in the fishing spot, stop fishing and click elsewhere to avoid taking damage. Only spots containing plain fish and cave snakes will move occasionally.

All the items required to capture bats and fish can be dropped by scavengers.




Farming and Herblore within the Raids will work the same as OSRS. The same level requirements and ingredients are needed to plant, harvest, and create the CoX potions within Raids.





Storage Units

Storage units will work the same way with OSRS, including the Tiny Storage Unit. The only missing unit will be the Massive Storage Unit.Building.png




Ice Demon



Lizardman Shamans







Skeletal Mystics







Vasa Nistirio



















Great Olm

The Final Battle.


  • Standard attacks: Olm has two standard attacks: Magic and Ranged. The magic attacks are large green orbs, while the ranged attacks are smaller chunks of crystal. Both deal the same amount of damage.
  • Spheres: Olm randomly picks a sphere (red, green or purple) and sends it at the player. If not blocked, the player will be damaged approximately 50% of their current Hitpoints. If a protection prayer was used when the sphere was launched, it is disabled and the player's Prayer is reduced by 50%. To block the attack, pray accordingly before and as the sphere hits you:
    • Red (sphere of aggression): Protect from Melee
    • Green (sphere of accuracy and dexterity): Protect from Missiles
    • Purple (sphere of magical power): Protect from Magic

Throughout the fight, Olm can also use these moves. If the left hand is clenched or disabled, these attacks will not occur:

  • Crystal Burst: Olm throws a crystal seedling under every player in the chamber. A few seconds later, the crystals burst and shove the player to a nearby tile if they are on top of them for moderate damage. The left hand will briefly show a crystal icon when using this attack.
  • Lightning: Shoots out lightning running north and/or south of the chamber. Getting hit by a bolt of lightning electrocutes the player, disabling their overhead prayers, dealing moderate damage, and binding them. The left hand will briefly show a lightning bolt when using this attack.
  • Swap: Olm teleports the player(s) for damage. With one person inside the chamber, Olm will instead choose a random tile in the chamber. With two or more, Olm picks those two (or a random two if more) to teleport. To avoid damage, stand on top of the targeted tile/player. The further you are from the target, the more damage is taken. The left hand briefly shows a swirl when using this attack.

Olm also has phase-unique attacks:

  • Acid:
    • Acid Spray: Olm spits out several pools of acid around the chamber. Standing on top of an acid pool deals 3-6 damage per tick and inflicts a weak poison effect on the player.
    • Acid Drip: Olm covers a player in acid, causing them to generate acid pools under them. Standing still will deal damage and moving will generate more pools, though it is not much of a deal in small groups. The pools are identically the same as the spray attack.
  • Flame:
    • Deep Burn: Olm shoots out a green fireball at a player, causing them to yell "Burn with me!". The targeted player takes 5 damage every few ticks, dropping stats by 2 each time this occurs, for five hits. If it spreads to other players, it will reset the timer and newly infected players will initially yell "I will burn with you.".
    • Fire Wall: Olm shoots out two walls of fire at a player to trap them. If the player is on a tile that would be occupied by the fire wall, they will leap out and take light damage from it. After the walls are placed, the player(s) trapped inside will take heavy damage if they are not freed. To free the trapped player(s), cast a water spell, ice spell or humidify on a segment of the wall to douse the flame. This can be done outside or inside the wall.
  • Crystal:
    • Falling Crystals: Olm lets out a cry, targeting one player with a red aura. Spiked crystals fall from above, dealing damage to anyone in the targeted tile.
    • Crystal Bombs: Olm shoots out a crystal bomb (up to three at most; two for smaller groups). The bomb explodes after being deployed for several seconds, covering a radius of four tiles. The minimum amount of damage dealt is 15. The closer you are to the bomb, the more damage is incurred, up to 60 at the centre.

There are also attacks applied during other segments of the fight:

  • Autoheal: During the first three phases, any attacks aimed at the head are completely healed after several ticks have passed. In the third phase, the left arm also gets a variant of this ability where any attacks that deal damage will cause it to heal instead. When this is performed the left hand shows an infinity symbol.
  • Falling Crystals: During phase transitions and the last phase, Olm causes chunks of crystal to fall from above. These crystals have a 3x3 AoE. Getting a direct hit will result in moderate damage, and getting indirectly hit will deal half as much damage. One crystal will always be aimed at a random player in the chamber. A shadow will indicate where the crystal will land.
  • Life Siphon: In the last phase, Olm will shoot out two blue projectiles which generate a shield when it hits the ground. Several ticks later, Olm will damage anyone not on the targeted tiles for moderate damage, healing himself for five times the total amount of damage he deals to the team.














To the victors, the spoils.

The pointing and weighting system will work 1:1 with OSRS, but the game will have many different perks and benefits you can obtain via voting and purchasing Raid Booster scrolls within the store. We will also be running events to increase the points gained in Raids. There will be no item limitations, you can bring in PvP gears and so forth. See below;



The Chambers of Xeric system on this new game engine has absolutely blown the NR317 game engine out of the water. It isn't even a competition, I'm glad you all will be able to experience how Raids 1 was intended. The next Development Blog post will be either the Theatre of Blood of Nightmare.


Mod Jacmob, Heaven

Near Reality Management Team

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Default Wednesday 15th September, 2021, 15:38


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Default Wednesday 15th September, 2021, 16:08

Please don't make the point system and divisor like osrs or raids will be dead content. I don't wanna do 30 solos to be on rate for a purple on an rsps.

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  • 2 weeks later...
Default Friday 24th September, 2021, 15:12

raids from 2017... anything else that isn't from  years ago.... fat fat walrus 

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Default Sunday 26th September, 2021, 13:46

just logged in after months and saw 7 players online xd ..


GREAT UPDATE.. all the effort writing this post totally worth for those 7 players online :jelly:

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Default Thursday 30th September, 2021, 19:11

just logged in after months and saw 7 players online xd ..


GREAT UPDATE.. all the effort writing this post totally worth for those 7 players online :jelly:

guess you missed the whole point of the post being about osnr?

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  • 3 weeks later...
Default Tuesday 19th October, 2021, 10:41

i just hope you people have correct drop table , drop rates there cuz in this nr there is legit broken drop rates and tables...

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