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Near Reality Rules

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Default Near Reality Rules - Friday 14th February, 2014, 01:33

Near-Reality Rules


Kindly note that the stated punishments are the maximum punishment(s) for the offense.


1. Flaming, Harassment, and Disrespect: Mute / IP Mute
Throughout the community are a various amount of religious and cultural backgrounds, therefore everyone is entitled to the respect of all members of the community. We expect members to behave, act mature, and handle any stressful situations respectfully. The sole purpose of this server and community is to provide entertainment to anyone and everyone no matter where they come from, what they look like, or what they believe in. Enforcement of this rule will be at the discretion of the staff member/team based on how we deem the severity of what has been said by the player. Remember that members have different types of emotions and may react differently than other players.  What one person may take as a joke could be interpreted by another player in a completely different manner than it was intended. Be careful with what you say so you don’t offend other players and/or cause misunderstandings.  It's your responsibility to watch what you're saying to others, and it's our responsibility to make sure that all members are happy to be a part of Near-Reality. With this in mind, we have strict rules against such acts of flame/flame-baiting, harassment, and disrespect towards the community and we will not tolerate it. This includes telling someone to get cancer. This is absurdly wrong on many levels and will not be tolerated.

a. Topics, posts, PMs etc., that are directed at a single member, or group, to either defame them of their reputation, character or to simply insult, flame them directly etc., will also be considered harassment and disrespect. 

2. Racism: Mute / IP Mute
Any form of racism found on the server or forums will be punished according to severity deemed by the staff team. This is both illegal in the real world, and we will follow all laws. We will not tolerate ANY form of racism and it will be handled appropriately.

3. Advertisement: Permanent Ban / IP Ban
Advertisement on the forums and server is strictly dealt with, and an automatic ban from the forums and server will be given. Those who have other situations that do NOT relate to RuneScape Private Relations can private message a member of the upper management team for permission to advertise, otherwise ALL advertisements will be dealt with as the same.

a. Common known links (e.g. MoparScape, Rune-Server, and YouTube) is fine and will be commonly permitted.

4. Pornographic Material and Inappropriate Content: Permanent Ban
Pornographic material (discussion of it, media etc.) is not allowed on these forums which includes content that could offend both females and males (half-naked photos for example). We will not tolerate these actions and this rule will be enforced at all times. If discussion, photos, videos, avatars, and/or signatures break this rule, then the the player breaking this rule will be dealt with accordingly.

Inappropriate content in instances where they are enabling smoking, doing drugs (exempting Intellectual debates about such topics) etc., will be removed from Near-Reality upon finding it. We will not accept this and we will be enforcing this rule at all times. This includes having photos of enabling people to smoke, negative marijuana related pictures etc., we want a clean community - we don't want to promote content that our younger users might not know enough about to make a judgment on something that they're not completely informed about - that's not what this community is for so keep it away from here.


5. Spamming (forums): Inability to post temporarily or forum ban
Posts that do not contribute to the topic or the quoted text in some form is considered spam, this rule has been broken down though.  You can find the breakdown below:
 a. Posts that consist of a single word that do not pertain to the topic posted will be considered spam.

 b. Grave digging is when you post in a "dead thread", which is a thread that was not posted on for over 7 days. It is against the rules to try to bring back outdated topics, unless you're adding something useful and worthwhile to the topic or the post is relevant to the topic posted. (e.g. bumping a guide thread with more useful information).

 c. Bumping a topic is allowed once every two (2) days, otherwise the post will be deleted and an infraction at the discretion of the staff will be handed out.

d. Trolling is not accepted on these forums, it's idiotic and immature, we do not accept this behavior and the member is eligible to be muted on the spot depending on the staff member. This applies for in-game, over the ::yell channel, and on the forums.

e. Posting topics which do not contribute in any way, shape or form to the community are locked and/or removed. If continuously done, posting permissions may be temporarily and/or permanently revoked.

 f. Posting in the correct board or section is to be done at all times, a small infraction that WILL expire can be handed out if excessive posting in the wrong board or section is done.

 g. Posting unnecessary remarks that do not contribute to the topic at hand, just to post will also lead to a minor infraction that WILL expire.

5 pt 2. Spamming (server): 24 hour Mute or an eventual Ban
Spamming on Near-Reality will not be permitted. These acts will be acted upon accordingly by the staff members of Near-Reality. We should all be acting as mature as we can while on Near-Reality and respect others wishes as well, those who continue to break this rule will be removed from Near-Reality if needed.

 a. Yell should NOT be abused, if it is abused then the rights to 'Yell' and may be revoked without the potential to have it reinstated. 


 b. Auto-Typers should not be abused but is allowed. The timer should be set to at least 8-10 seconds. If this rule is abused it may be removed in the future and autotypers disallowed.

6. Shoutbox
Those who break the shoutbox rules will be dealt with accordingly. Continuous rule-breaking may result in a permanent loss of access to the shoutbox.

 a. Flaming and arguing will be an automatic mute from the shoutbox.  We must respect ALL members that are using it.

 b. Flame baiting will and can be a mute from the shoutbox. Flame-baiting is the act of starting/causing arguments or starting drama to cause another player or group of players to lash out in retaliation. Flame baiting also applies to both the forums and in-game server.

 c. Staff Impersonation is not tolerated in the shoutbox, on the forums, or in game.  Members who break this rule WILL be punished severely.

 d. Advertisement is both a permanent ban from the shoutbox, forums, and in-game server.

7. Misleading Links, Hacking, and Threatening: IP-Ban (forums and server)
Misleading links are never to be posted on the forums, if posting a link to a YouTube video; we expect it to lead to YouTube. Otherwise your account will face punishments in proportion to the offense.
Hacking will never be tolerated on either the forums or server. It is a crime and you will be permanently IP-banned.

Threatening any member with anything will result in an appropriate punishment, up to a permanent IP-ban.

 a. DDOS threats will not be tolerated and is a federal offense in many countries. It will be reported if necessary and punishments up to an IP-ban (if the threat is carried out) can be given.

8. Encouraging Others to Break Rules: Mute (time varies)
If a player asks another player to do something that is against the rules, whether that player knows it's against the rules or not, that's considered encouraging others to break the rules. It is the responsibility of every member to know and understand the rules before playing.

9. Purchasing or Selling: Ban (time varies)
Purchasing and/or selling goods and services (accounts, real life items, RSGP, Microsoft points, riot points, or other private server items for Near-Reality items etc.) will not be tolerated and action will be taken against offenders. 

 a. Purchasing or Selling of any Near-Reality account will not be allowed. A permanent ban will be handed out to anyone involved in the selling or purchasing of accounts.

 b. Purchasing or Selling of donator status on an existing account is not allowed. Please note that we are allowing members to donate for one another and a member can be pair for doing-so (purchasing status for a member and then being paid 300m as an example).

c. Any other trades not involving NRGP, such as RSGP for microsoft points, all belong in the black market section. Staff members are WILL NOT middleman these trades and if it goes wrong, we will not be taking any action - you will be responsible for doing such trades.

d. ANY non-NRGP-related trade should be dealt with in the appropriate section on the forums called "blackmarket" and should not be advertised in game.

10. Requesting Likes: Likes Reset
Cheating the amount of likes that have been given to a user will not be tolerated. The likes that a member has received can be reset back to 0 or locked from gaining future likes of this rule is broken.

a. Self-Repping will be dealt with by restarting both accounts and banning for at least 24 hours at the staff team’s discretion.

11. Invading Other Communities: IP-Ban
Invading other communities is without question a permanent ban from the forums, in-game server, and Discord. We do not tolerate this and want to remain peaceful throughout the RSPS community. Continuous disruption of other communities will result in an IP-Ban.

12. Backseat Moderation: Mute (time varies) / IP-Mute
Backseat moderation is defined as a user who is not a member of staff trying to fulfill staff duties. If you have an issue with another player, you are to submit a report to inform the staff team in order to resolve the issue. Do not threaten players or you will be punished.

13. Bug/Glitch Abuse: Permanent Ban / IP-Ban
Abuse of any and all glitches on the server or forum is not tolerated and anyone caught doing so will either be temporarily or permanently banned. We will not and shall not tolerate flaws being abused to make someone richer, or promote themselves on the forums. Repeated abuse may result in a permanent IP-Ban.

14. 3rd Party Software: Permanent Ban
We will not tolerate cheating of ANY kind as we know that it causes unfair advantages over other members that are attempting to play the server in fair ways. This includes the use of auto-clickers, cheat clients, bots and more. Punishments vary from jail to a permanent ban.

Please take a look at the 'Spamming' rule about Auto-Talkers on the server.

15. Player Vs. Player (PvP): Permanent Ban / IP-Ban
Near-Reality is not held responsible for members who have lost, disconnected etc., while in the wilderness. We also do not have set rules for the wilderness, so go in there at your own risk.

a. Farming kills for the purpose of gaining rewards or advancing in any of the categories listed here will result in the following punishments:

1st offence- ELO removal, 10 day ban that may be appealed. (Account reset depending on severity)

2nd offence- ELO removal, 30 day IP-Ban that may be appealed after 7 days, Account reset

3rd offence- Account Deletion and permanent Ban 

Farming consists of killing your team's alternate accounts, requesting kills from a player (regardless of if compensation is involved), or killing your own accounts. Farming is also subject to interpretation by the staff team. Its always best to report strange activity in the wilderness to protect yourself.

16. Requesting Items: Mute
The staff team is not obliged to hand out items to others. If you request items from a staff member and that person chooses to give you some items then so be it. It is the staff member’s decision to hand out items just like any regular player. Do not beg or continue to pester staff members for items if they tell you no. If you continue to do so, you may face punishment.

a. Requesting items from a high administrator (owner or various other administrators that have the spawning ability) will result in a mute after being warning. These members will NOT hand out spawned items to the community with some server events being exceptions.

17. Requesting Staff Position: Mute (time varies)
The Administration team selects and takes suggestions from other staff members on whom they believe should be given positions on the staff team. We do not take requests from the member who is asking/applying for the position. Continuous and persistent requests may result in a temporary mute.

18. Staff Impersonation: Permanent Ban
Impersonation of the staff team is not acceptable and the member will be dealt with harshly. There are a lot of cases where another member is scammed, hacked, or otherwise somehow misguided because a member is impersonating a staff member. Those who attempt to impersonate any member of the staff team will be given a permanent ban.

19. Refunds (Scams, Disconnects etc.)

a. Disconnections will not be refunded, you are playing at your own risk. However, feel free to create a thread about it that states the problem and any relevant information so the problem can be fixed.

 b. Donations will ONLY be refunded after 72 hours if the player has NOT yet received the items or position (forums, server) that was donated for, otherwise a refund is not required. Those who lose items on the server will not be refunded whatsoever.

 c. Reset of the server or forums will be refunded if he or she has posted valid proof of their purchase in the 'Donations' board, otherwise a refund to the member will not be given. 

 d. Scammed members will not be refunded because there are simple tactics to not be scammed in the first place such as using a middleman (server support, moderator, administrator etc.). Please note that we will not be accepting photo-reports of members being scammed, it must be a video or it will not be handled. In some cases things can be proven with logs and we reserve the right to rectify a situation by doing so. Scammers will be permanently banned unless they give the items back, and an IP-ban may occur with repeat offenses.

 e. Account Sharing is not of our concern and will NOT be against the rules. Those who account share should realize they are entrusting the other person with the account(s). You are always responsible for what happens on your account.

 f. Hacking refunds will not be handed out as of 10/04/2017. Players can use various simple tactics to keep his or her accounts safe: with the working two factor authenticator, you cannot be hacked and hence if you do, it is your own negligence that has caused it.

g. Glitch refunds will ONLY be refunded if you have conclusive proof and can prove that you had the items prior to the glitch. Note that if a developer (or whoever has spawning abilities) does not see the proof as conclusive, it can be declined and you will not receive a refund.

h. Items lent to another player will not be refunded under any circumstances. If you lend items to another player, you assume any risks associated (i.e. player loses said items, player gets banned with said items, etc.). Should anything happen to these items, it is your own negligence that allowed these items to be put in this situation and you will not be refunded. 

20. Evading Mutes, Bans, and Infractions: Ban or IP-Ban
All punishments handed to members are final. Those who evade their mutes, bans, and IP-Bans to cause more problems after being punished will simply receive harsher punishments. You are allowed to create another account on the server and forums to appeal or play again, but using such account to break the same or other rules will result in severe punishment.

21. Links (forums): Temporary / Permanent Forum Ban
All links that are posted on the forums must be approved through a staff member. We do our best to maintain balance, and peace throughout this community. You must provide information about the link through a private message to the staff team and have it approved or declined. You will receive a warning if the link hasn't been approved. We expect all links to direct where they are supposed to be directed to. Websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Google (Google itself, not a direct FROM Google) etc., will NOT have to be approved.

22. Yell Channel: Mute
You may not use the 'Yell Channel' to advertise clan-chats unless you're a server support or staff member, this including gambling CCs or wanting to gamble. Keep swearing and inappropriate language out of yell chat as well (if you wouldn't google it in front of your grandma, then it's probably inappropriate). You can keep in mind that asking a staff member to accept your wanting to yell such things are allowed bearing in mind that he or she doesn't have to. While a warning or mute can take place a removal of your donator rank (with no chance of having it put back) is likely as well, do not make us go to these measures, this will almost always be our last path to take. 

23. Inappropriate Usernames (forums) :: Name Change Request and/or Ban
We will not tolerate inappropriate names that contain any vulgar language, hate crime, relationship to pornographic material, impersonations (mod, admin, owner etc.) or anything that would be considered inappropriate in any way. Those who fail to comply with this rule will be requested to choose another username and must do so within 24 hours. Items can be transferred. Failure to comply will result in account deletion, with or without further punishments.

24. Influencing Polls
Asking people to vote for a certain option on a poll is strictly prohibited, this will result in a disqualification or a null of your vote on that poll, as well as a forum infraction.

25. Multi-combat Zone Events
Any event attended with the sole purpose of looting items off the ground will be punished with a jail until the event is over. Looters can be distracting and cause un-necessary hassle to event attenders.


26. Real-World Trading: UID and IP Ban (Perm)
Near-Reality does not allow real-world trading because it takes from the server and also influences the economy in a negative way. You will not be able to appeal this punishment. Real-world trading is defined as selling/buying real life money, RuneScape gold or any other form of payment other than NRGP for Near Reality-related items. The ONLY exception is the buying and selling of donator pins with RuneScape gold.
Please note than loopholing (player A sells a pin to player B for rsgp and then buys the pin back for NRGP) is NOT allowed and is considered real-world trading. If selling the pin bought with RSGP to someone else from NRGP, then it is allowed, as pre-made agreements of RWT are not made.

27. Rule Switching: Ban / IP-Ban
Rule switching is not permitted during duels. Definition of rule switching: changing the rules at the last second of the first duel screen, attempting to trick or mislead the person into believing said rule had not been switched. This includes enabling armor, different weapons, etc. The player who reports a rule-switching player will have to require sufficient proof (pictures/videos) of this scam in order to have the scammer punished. The scammer will be required to refund the items or otherwise face a permanent ban.

28. Luring: Mute
There are two exceptions to luring in which it is not allowed. You are not allowed to lure players VIA the yell channel nor the help and trade clan chats. If you are found doing this or we receive evidence of you luring via either of these chats, you will be punished accordingly.

29. Using clan signatures without permission: Removal of Forum Signature +/- forum ban

It has come to our attention that many clans are joining our forums and some users are using their clan's signatures  without the clan leader's permissions. This is not acceptable from now on. Please refrain from doing so.

30. NPC boxing

"Boxing" (attacking a monster with no weapon) an NPC as a means to stop others from attacking said monster is not tolerated. If you are found doing this you will be jailed temporarily. Multiple reports will lead to a temporary ban in extreme cases.

31. Donator pin abuse: Ban / IP-Ban

Staking/Gambling for pins is not allowed. Staff members have been specifically requested not to middleman these any more. 

The action of selling pin(s) to a player for RSGP and then buying the same pin(s) back for NRGP, a practice known as loop-holing is also not allowed and appropriate punishments will be given. You can still buy/sell pins as long as different players are involved in the buying and selling.


32. VPN Voting

You are allowed to vote on each site twice per day for a current total of 14 points.

You are not allowed to use a VPN to gain additional points per day. You are also not allowed to have other individuals access your account for the purpose of voting to gain additional points. Individuals found to have violated this rule will have the items removed from their account on top of additional sanctions.


33. Consistent venting/complaints in server CCs and or over yell channel

Consistent speaking negatively against the server, clans, groups, staff or specific players will ultimately result in a mute.  If your opinion makes for an unpleasant environment for players, staff or negatively reflect the interest of the server, a warning will be issued followed by a mute. Yes, you are entitled to your opinion(s), however, if a consequentionalist decision does not yield a positive server environment, you will be asked to withhold expressing said opinion(s).



By being on the forums and server (this being implied that you've already read the rules), you understand that you are responsible for your own actions. You understand that the rules stated above will be enforced at all times and the administration has the ability to further the punishment despite what it states above, this is the administration's discretion. We have permission to do what we want with your account as they are a property of ours and you are merely 'playing' on it. You understand that when a rule is broken, your account will be dealt with accordingly and fairly as possible through the system that we have made for the staff team and how people are dealt with.

You understand that any sort-of attack (hacking, DDOS etc.) made against Near-Reality will be dealt with accordingly, and you will be IP'd from the forums and server once found. If need-be your IP will be sent to the authorities.

You understand that we the administration have the ability and authority to alter your account at any time should we have to or feel we must check something onto one's account and agree that requesting a refund after an administrator has made an X change is not made.

You understand that the staff team is required to provide proof, however, we will not disclose a member's name (the one that reported you) if the member requests it. Many of the reports made in the report abuse board is hidden for a reason from others, however, we will do our best to provide the proof that we need.

You understand that we are not responsible for what is posted on these forums (while we will take action after it's either reported or we see it) so therefore someone that has been infected through these forums by a third party or by someone of this community, it's not our responsibility but it will be dealt with. So this being said, we are not responsible for ANY damage made to personal property nor information being stolen. Per this section, you understand that inappropriate posts (as said above though, once it's reported or we see it - it will be dealt with) that a child MAY encounter such as pornographic material, promoting drug related topics etc., it's not our responsibility, this is solely the parent's role. All emails or PMs to us by parents will either be replied to with simple words, or ignored and deleted - make no mistake, we will take care of it once reported or seen.

You understand that protecting someone whom you know is breaking a rule, not reporting them with proof to a staff member makes you just as guilty and punishment will be taken if we are sure of this being the case.

We are not responsible for items lost when you are disconnected from the server; you play Near Reality at your own risks. Donation items lost due to rollbacks will be refunded. Items lost due to hackings will not longer be refunded as of 10th April 2017. We have a fully working two-factor authenticator. If you use it, you cannot be hacked, so please be responsible.

When reporting a member of the community you must provide a full screen picture of the client and computer. We will no longer be accepting reports that have been cut-out, cropped etc., we expect the entire picture to be there; if it's not then we will not deal with the report. If you happen to have a reason to report a staff member it needs to be video proof, we will no longer accept pictures as proof as it is very easy to falsify proof and we do not need unnecessary drama caused by that. all punishment times can be altered depending on the severity of the rule broken.

Edited by Zack
I put on my grammar glasses.

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Default Thursday 17th April, 2014, 04:55

Rules have been deleted and edited completely, please read them and feel free nor hesitate to ask me ANY questions about them. This is a big jump from the last rules so it's going to take some time getting used to.

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  • 3 months later...
Default Sunday 3rd August, 2014, 09:55

Edited slightly, please remember to read these rules if you have not already.

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Default Monday 29th September, 2014, 02:31

Updated 9/28/14. Added Rule #26 to list, edited some grammar of past posts.

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Default Monday 5th January, 2015, 01:45

Updated 01/04/15. Added Rule #27, somehow edited even more grammar that appeared since the last time I did this.

Edited by Mod Logic

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Default Sunday 13th December, 2015, 08:17

Updated 12/13/15. Edited a bit of the grammar and fluency of the writing.

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Default Monday 10th April, 2017, 07:35

Updated 10/04/2017. Slight editing of some formatting, added extra information to rule 19 and a small paragraph for the agreement. Added rule about ragging (rule 30). Kindly ensure that you read all the rules, thanks.

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Default Wednesday 10th May, 2017, 18:40

Edit 10/05/2015:


- Added rule 31

- Every rule has been optimized in terms of grammar to increase clarity

- Details added to several rules include clarifications

- Sub-sections added to several rules

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Default Tuesday 23rd May, 2017, 11:23

Updated 23/05/2017. Added NPC boxing rule.

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Default Monday 21st May, 2018, 10:40

Added Ragging rule - 33

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